Road works and closures

As one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities, at times, roadwork will require the partial or complete closure of roads within the City of Melton to build new roads and intersections or manage the safety of motorists during events.  Please note every effort is made to reduce the impacts these works have on our road network however where needed appropriate detours will be implemented.  Please follow detours accordingly and adhere to the regulatory signage that is present. 

Road closures due to heavy rainfall

Due to recent heavy rains causing flooding and erosion of road base material, road closures and traffic management measures have been put in place on Council's road network.

We are monitoring the closed roads and will carry out maintenance works to rectify the damages caused from heavy rain as soon as possible so that they can be re-opened.  

Road closures

  • McCorkells Road - Road closure between Coburns Road and Missens Road
  • Tarletons Road - Road closure at the western extent on the unsealed section of road near Leakes Road

Roads re-opened

  • Boundary Road - Re-opened on 17 November. Portable Traffic lights in place.
  • Downing Road - Re-opened on 25 November.

Road works

This map shows the location or road works and other works that may cause delays.  Additional road works may be undertaken by VicRoads and you can view these on the VicTraffic map.