Pets are an important part of families. They provide unconditional affection, support in times of need and bring peace of mind. They also help teach children about compassion and responsibility. In this section you will find information on pet registration, looking after your pet, lost and found pets, problems with animals. wildlife and animal rescue.

All dogs and cats over three (3) months of age must be microchipped and registered with Council. If you own livestock, there are council regulations and state legal requirements you must comply with if you own a farm animal.

We have contacted some pet owners via SMS to notify them that an animal with a microchip in their name is not currently registered with Council. If you have received this SMS, please register your pet with Council  within 14 days of receiving the notice. If the animal is no longer in your care please ensure you update the animal’s microchip details with the corresponding Microchip registry. to ensure lost pets are returned to the lawful owner in the event they become lost or injured.