Customer Service Charter

Our Vision

A proud community growing together

Our Commitment to you

All Council staff understand that helping our community means helping individuals. In every personal contact, we will strive to be courteous, fair and helpful.


     We will be positive and friendly when engaging with community members.
     We will be empathetic, seeking to understand the issue at hand.
     We will be solutions focussed, seeking positive outcomes at all times.


     We will exercise initiative and innovation solving customer issues.
     We will communicate clearly and honestly.
We will be flexible in meeting individual customer requirements.
We will actively develop our skills and knowledge to better assist community members.


     We will be fair in decision making, consistent with applicable legislation and Council policy.
We will make information and policies readily available and easily understood.
We will establish reasonable timeframes according to individual circumstances.
We will enact a fair complaint resolution process.
We will seek and act upon customer feedback to improve.

Your commitment to us

 To work with us in an honest, cooperative and courteous manner, to ensure we can fulfil our charter.