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Disabled Parking Permits

There are three different parking permits issued under the Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme:

  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit – formerly the Category 1 Blue disabled permit
  • A Double Time (DT) Permit – formerly the Category 2 Green Permit
  • An ADP Organisation Permit – formerly Blue organisation permit.

 Find out more and apply for a Accessible Parking Permit

Parking Fines

Infringement notices

Parking fines (infringement notices) are enforced by State Law. An infringement notice can be handed to you, placed on your windscreen or sent to you in the mail.

Failure to pay a parking fine or to take any other action within 28 days may result in further enforcement action and further costs being added.  For further information on infringement notices, visit: Infringements webpage.

View details and photos of parking fine

View your parking fine details

Please note: there is no legislative requirement for Authorised officers to take photographs of offences.

Pay your parking fine

If you would like to pay your fine, you can via the following options:

How do I apply for a payment plan?

If you cannot afford to pay the infringement in full, you may apply for a payment plan to pay it off gradually or request additional time in which to pay.  You will need to apply before the due date of your infringement to avoid incurring further penalty costs.

If you would like extra time to pay, or organise a payment plan, you must apply in writing. Include the infringement notice number of your fine and details of your request.

Acute financial hardship

If you are experiencing acute financial hardship, you may be eligible for the Work and Development Permit Scheme that provides a non-financial way to address your fine debt. For further information, visit the Fines Victoria website, Work Development Permit.

Was not the driver at the time?

If you are the registered owner of a vehicle, have received a fine and someone else was driving your vehicle at that time, you should nominate the driver so we can re-issue the fine to them.  You should nominate as soon as possible.  Please download and complete a nomination form(DOCX, 232KB) and follow the instructions on the form to submit it.

How do I appeal an infringement notice?

If you have received an Infringement Notice (commonly called a fine) issued by Melton City Council and you would like to appeal the fine, you may be able to apply to have your fine reviewed.  This type of review is called an Internal Review.

Melton City Council can only review infringement notices (fines) that have been issued by Melton City Council.  If your fine has been issued by another enforcement agency, you will need to contact the issuing agency.

Under the legislation, you can only request one internal review for each fine.  You must submit either an online application or in person at one of our Customer Service Centres by the 'due date' specified in the infringement notice and setting out the grounds for your appeal.

For more information on who can request a review, what grounds a review can be submitted and what information must be supplied, please visit our Request a Review webpage.   

Having the case heard by a court

If you would prefer to have the matter dealt with directly by a Magistrate without seeking a review, you can have the matter heard in the Magistrates' Court - see Fines Victoria website, Dispute your fine.  This gives you (or your representative) a choice to present your evidence in front of a magistrate who will make a decision about your matter.  This must be requested before the infringement due date.

Taking an infringement to court incurs extra costs.  Legal advice should be considered before making an application.

If you chose to have your matter dealt with in the Magistrates' Court you must notify Melton City Council before the due date on the infringement notice and in writing via any of the following: