Finding staff and jobs

The right person for the right job

Employees are the most important asset of any business. They engage with your customers all the time, and can easily mean the difference between closing those all-important sales or getting a scathing review on Google. That’s why an investment in people is an investment in your company that you can’t afford to scrimp on.

Council supports a number of initiatives developed to match local business owners with local job seekers.


The Atherstone Exchange

The Atherstone Exchange is so much more than just a service that helps employers find suitable staff.

The Exchange knows local people and our local area and works with employers to understand their requirements, screens local candidates and presents them to employers for consideration - all for FREE.

In conjunction with their accredited training partners, the Atherstone Exchange also provides training and certification to job seekers, and delivers pre-employment requirements including white cards, tickets and certificate level training.

For more information visit the Atherstone Exchange Facebook Page.


The Melton Jobs Hub

The Jobs Hub is a free service provided to local businesses to promote vacancies to our diverse, highly motivated pool of local job seekers. With almost 2000 registered participants, the Jobs Hub is a great tool to help you find local talent. Register online to advertise your vacancies.


For more information, contact the Economic Development and Tourism team at or 9747 7200.