Community vision

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Melton City 2036 – The City We Imagine is the first community vision for the City of Melton and highlights opportunities and challenges for the municipality.

Melton City 2036 – The City We Imagine uses the ideas and words of community members to describe what they want the City of Melton to look like, feel like and offer its residents over the next 20 years.

 It puts people first, embedding them at the heart of the vision and surrounded by four domains:

  • Our safe and socially connected City
  • Our well-built City
  • Our strong local economy
  • Our thriving natural environment

Download Melton City 2036 - The City We Imagine(PDF, 5MB)


In early 2016, Council invited the community to contribute to a shared vision for the future – a detailed picture of where we want the City to be in 2036. Throughout the process, more than 2,000 people shared what they love about living in the City of Melton, what they don’t like and what their hopes are for our City in 2036.

People were diverse in age and gender with different cultural backgrounds and abilities. And they had different connection to the city; some people live here, some people work here and some people visit. People filled in a short questionnaire, were involved in the online engagement forum, responded to the annual household survey, participated in face-to-face community workshops and provided input at community events.

Next steps 

Everyone who lives, works, studies or visits the City of Melton has a role to play in helping achieve this vision. 

Council will work together with the community, other levels of government, industry and not-for-profit organisations to drive the realisation of this vision, ensuring it is reflected on, actioned and monitored. 

The vision will be incorporated into all aspects of Council's planning, decision making, advocacy and service delivery. But, as our community changes, this vision will need to be reviewed on a four-yearly basis to make sure it reflects current attitudes.