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In line with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, new exhibitions will be available on 9 December at CS Gallery and on 16 December at Melton Library and Learning Hub. Browse our arts pages for online exhibitions, activities and workshops available anytime.

Skylines and Storytimes

Where: Online and in school workshops throughout 2021
Curriculum Links: The Arts, Music, Literacy, STEM, Technologies (see teachers resource for full information)

Download: Teachers Resources(PDF, 3MB)

This exciting child-led program explores children’s perception of their city as it grows and changes. Asking the questions, what is it like to live in the City of Melton? Why is it your home? Children are encouraged to explore what they treasure most about where they live and learn about each other’s experience. 

Artistic partners Playable Streets will guide students through an exciting range of practical online and in-school activities in this year-long project. 

School Programs Available:
February - March | Online Gallery
Children can participate in submitting their drawings of favourite local places to an online gallery, which Playable Streets artists will adapt into an interactive online artwork connecting students’ imagery with imagery of other children across the City.

April - June | In-school 60 min workshops
Playable streets arts come to local schools to provide workshops where students will contribute ideas for an exhibition at CS Gallery in Children’s Week 2021!

October - December | Skylines and Storylines Exhibition
All participating students will be invited to attend a Children’s Week exhibition opening and see how their ideas and artworks were translated into an immersive audio and visual arts exhibition experience at CS Gallery.


For bookings contact:
Madeleine McClelland, Team Leader Arts Engagement and Development via email: or phone: 9747 5913



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