Wild locals

There are many native animals, birds, bats, frogs and other native Australian creatures you can see in the City of Melton. All native fauna/wildlife (including snakes) are protected by law and must not be captured or injured.

If you see injured native wildlife please contact Wildlife Victoria or Wildlife Rescue Australia.

Send any sightings of wildlife to our Environmental Education Officer on 9747 7200. 

You can also help to protect local wildlife.

Volcano Dreaming is a montage of 3000 photographs of the flora and fauna that lives, or used to live in the Volcanic Plains which is Victoria's only bio-diversity hot spot. Printed on 12 silk banners the landscape comes alive with birds, small animals, fire fighters and stunning wildflowers. This exhibition is owned by Council and available for use by schools and other community groups.


The City of Melton is home to more than 170 native bird species including wetland birds, woodland birds, birds of prey and birds. 

Join a local bird watching group or look at Birdlife Australia.



Many creeks have good populations of native frogs and seven species have been identified as present in the City of Melton. If you are interested in finding out more about local frogs contact Waterwatch


Snakes, such as Brown, Tiger and Red-bellied Black Snakes, become active in Spring through to Autumn, and will often seek warm places such as concreted surfaces and dry, open areas to sunbake.  This can include areas close to houses, parks and reserves.

For more information on reptiles visit Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Snake removal

Requests for a snake catcher by property owners will only be responded to if the snake is clearly visible and the property owner provides authorisation to remove the snake.

For more information, or to report a snake, contact us on 9747 7200.

Other Fauna

There have been several sightings of kangaroos, platypus, echidna, phascogales, koalas and rakali as well as rare ants within the City of Melton. A rare Plains Wanderer has even been spotted at Woodgrove Shopping Centre.

For more information, contact our City Environment & Sustainability team on 9747 7200.