Estate Subdivision Design

After the Planning Permit has been endorsed, Functional Layout Plans approved and Plan of Subdivision has been certified, the Design Plans can be submitted for approval.

The designs must align with the aforementioned documents and comply with the requirements set out in Council's Engineering Design and Construction Manual and Landscape Guidelines.

Civil Design

Detailed Engineering Plans associated with land development works must include road, drainage and ancillary designs that comply with Part C of the Engineering Design and Construction Manual. The set of plans needs to include the requirements specified in Section 6 of the Engineering Design and Construction Manual.

Payment of the Engineering Plan Checking Fee in accordance with Clause 6 of the Subdivision Regulations 2000, currently to the value of 0.75% of the total estimated cost of constructing the works proposed on the engineering plans, is required prior to the approval of the Detailed Engineering Plans.

Landscape Design

Detailed Landscape Plans must be prepared for all areas that are to be vested to Council. This also includes areas that will be temporarily landscaped such as land for the future road reserves, drainage lands and active open space.

It is recommended that a concept development meeting be held with Council Officers for any reserves that are being designed for vesting to Council to ensure agreement on the level of service expected in the reserve.

Detailed landscape plans must include details of all works that are to be undertaken and be accompanied by any structural engineering drawings, or other information as necessary to ensure that the drawings can be assessed for suitability.

All landscape plans submitted to Council can be emailed to and must include the following:

  • Full business name, address, contact name, email and telephone number for responses
  • Email subject in accordance with Council file naming convention Planning Application Number (PAXXXX/XXXX)
  • Estate name and Stage # or Project Name and address
  • Description of submission (e.g. Landscape Streetscape or Reserve Plans)

Landscape Plan Checking Fee and Supervision Fees are levied in accordance with Clause 6 of the subdivision Regulations 2000. Fees are at 0.75% of the total estimated costs of works for Plan Checking and 2.5% for construction supervision. These fees must be paid prior to the issue of Statement of Compliance.