Community newsletter

Melton City Council's community newsletter 'Moving Ahead' provides relevant and timely information about Council services to every household within the City.

Whenever possible we include an audio version of this newsletter. For more information call Council's Communications department on 9747 7200.

Current edition

Moving Ahead Winter 2017(PDF, 5MB)

Previous editions

Moving Ahead August 2016

Moving Ahead August 2016(PDF, 4MB)

Moving Ahead February 2016

Moving Ahead February 2016(PDF, 2MB)


Moving Ahead October 2015(PDF, 4MB)
Moving Ahead October 2015 (audio version)

Moving Ahead June 2015(PDF, 1MB)
Moving Ahead June 2015 (audio version)

Moving Ahead March 2015(PDF, 2MB)
Moving Ahead March 2015 (audio version)