Environmental strategies

Council has adopted a range of strategic documents to guide our progress in achieving various environmental and sustainability objectives. Queries regarding these strategies can be directed to Council’s City Environment and Sustainability team on 9747 7200.

Environment Plan 2017-2027

The Environment Plan 2017-2027(PDF, 1MB) assists Council to reduce its environmental footprint, protect and enhance the City of Melton’s natural environment and to create a sustainable municipality that supports a growing population.

The Plan describes Council’s vision for our future environment and features principles to help guide decision-making and activities that impact on the City of Melton’s environment. It includes a detailed framework to address key environmental issues facing the municipality including climate change, waste, water and biodiversity.

Integrated Water Management Plan 2018-2028

The Integrated Water Management Plan 2018-2028(PDF, 6MB) assists Council to bring together all elements of the water cycle to achieve the greatest social, economic and environmental benefits for the community.

The Plan sets a vision that the City of Melton uses and manages water sustainably to enhance urban and natural environments and support community health and wellbeing. It includes a detailed action plan to assist Council towards becoming a Water Sensitive City while experiencing significant population growth, urbanisation and climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2020-2030

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2020-2030(PDF, 6MB) guides Council’s response to the impacts of climate change throughout the municipality. 

The purpose of the Plan is to manage the risks of a changing climate in order to maximise positive outcomes and build the resilience of the City of Melton. It includes a coordinated climate change adaptation framework to adapt Council’s ability to deliver services, manage infrastructure and to assist residents as the effects of climate change are felt across the municipality.