Unsightly property and graffiti

An owner or occupier of a property must keep their property reasonably tidy at all times and not allow:

  • noxious weeds to grow on land
  • grass to grow over than 20 centimetres in height on urban land 
  • rubbish, rubble, demolished or discarded materials from building works or other matter to accumulate on the land and constitute a hazard to the health or safety of any person
  • land to become unsightly or detrimental to the amenity of the area.

If you have observed a property which you believe is in breach of the Local Law please contact us on 9747 7200 and a Local Laws Officer will do an inspection.


Graffiti is ugly. It's vandalism that has no place in our community. Council aims to promote feelings of safety and pride in the community through promoting a safe, clean and welcoming environment. 

What is Melton Council doing to remove graffiti?

Council's graffiti response team monitors graffiti hot spots, investigates reports and removes graffiti from both public and private buildings, structures and fences. A swift response time helps deter future tagging.

My property has been vandalised by graffiti. What can I do?

If your property has been affected by graffiti you can report graffiti online or call us on 9747 7200.  The response team will remove the graffiti within 14 days (or 48 hours if the graffiti is considered offensive).

There's graffiti in my neighbourhood. What can I do?

To report graffiti in your community, report graffiti online or call us on 9747 7200.


Graffiti other organisations can remove:

Major roads, traffic lights, signal boxes, some road signs:     
Public transport (train stations, trains, trams and buses:
Public Transport Victoria 
Australia Post mail boxes:
Australia Post 
Telephone boxes and phone booths: