Living Green

Living Green in the City of Melton is an easy thing to do. You can do this at home, at work, at school, in what you buy and in your choice of transport.

Melton City Council is working towards sustainable Council buildings and operations, and supporting the community to be sustainable at home.

The aim is to reduce the use of gas,electricity and water, reduce the production of waste and greenhouse gases, recycle where possible and improve bio-diversity.

  • avoid generating emissions – use only what is needed and avoid waste (e.g. switch lights off)
  • reduce emissions – change your activities and technologies to be more efficient in order to reduce emissions (e.g. more efficient light bulbs)
  • switch – use fuel sources that are less greenhouse gas intensive (e.g. solar panels)
  • sequester and offset – sequester emissions from the atmosphere and offset remaining emissions not eliminated using the methods above (e.g. accredited renewable energy offsets).

Free energy information and advice

Receive one-on-one energy advice, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on energy bills using the free Positive Charge service. Melton residents can call the Positive Charge Hotline on 9385 8555 during office hours Monday to Friday for up-to-date energy efficiency advice. 

Positive Charge is a community service, backed by local councils and run by sustainability experts, the Moreland Energy Foundation. 

Home Energy Assessments available now to Melton City Council Residents

Need help understanding your energy bills?

Council has partnered with Positive Charge who are an independent (not-for-profit) source of advice on home energy, including advice on solar power.

Looking at Bill

Book a FREE Home Energy Assessment (valued at $300) with the experts at Positive Charge.

Click here to Sign up on line or call 03 9385 8555.

Available till June 30 2017, so book now to avoid disappointment!

What does the 1-hour consultation include?

A walk through your home to review energy consumption

  • Energy bill analysis
  • A ‘kitchen table’ conversation to talk you through what’s been found
  • An action plan outlining the best ways to save
  • Solar PV analysis

What’s covered?

Our energy expert will consider the following as they assess your home, and outline the best solutions for you:

  • building shell
  • passive heating and cooling
  • hot water systems
  • renewable energy
  • heating and cooling
  • lighting
  • windows and glazing
  • insulation
  • your appliances
  • draught proofing
  • energy efficient behaviours

Book your assessment today or contact the Sustainability Officer on 9747 7200 for further information.

Solar Bulk-buy offer for residents

Solar-Panels.jpg Are you confused about all the solar options on the market?

Not sure if solar is right for you?

Council have partnered with independent energy experts Positive Charge, to provide independent advice and support to residents. This is a great opportunity to investigate your options for converting to renewable solar energy, with the peace of mind of using a Council program. The experts at Positive Charge will provide:

  • impartial, detailed advice on whether or not solar is the best option for you. They will answer all your questions and give you the latest information about solar technologies
  • an obligation free solar quote  from a tried and tested solar provider offering quality systems and a great deal on solar panels

Positive Charge is an initiative of the Moreland Energy Foundation, supported by 13 councils across Victoria. The foundation is an independent organisation that has been delivering award-winning community sustainability solutions for more than 14 years.

Register your interest to receive a no-obligation quote:

Green at Home

To find out what you can do at home go to Your Energy Savings which has a section on Rebates. You can also have a sustainable garden using local (indigenous) plants.

Green at work and green purchasing

Become a member of Eco-Buy to learn how your business can make green purchasing business as usual.

You can also search for Green products using ECO-Find.

There is also State Government assistance to help you make your business sustainable.

Join a Local Group

Melton Sustainable Living Group is a lively and friendly local community group. Join them for some green and fun activities.


Do you want to find out how much electricity your fridge or other appliances are using, and how much it is costing you? The Power-mate electricity meter can tell you this.

A Power-mate electricity meter is available to residents from Melton Library or Caroline Springs Library and can be loaned for one week. The meter measures the amount of electricity household appliances use. The Power-mate meters must be used with the instructions(PDF, 753KB) which are with the Power-mate when you borrow it.