Building sites

 The General Local Law is designed to provide services that protect and enhance the safety, health and amenity of the municipality and its residents and visitors. 

Council’s Local Laws Officers patrol building sites daily and will not tolerate non-compliance with Council’s General Local Law.  The General Local Law defines standards which should be adhered to when building works are undertaken.

  • Management and control of building refuse on and around the site
    You must place a refuse facility for waste created and accumulated on the building site. The refuse facility must have a fixed, closed lid and you must have it emptied immediately when it becomes full.
  • Identification of the site from the street
    For the duration of the construction period, the owner or builder must provide a clearly defined sign on the street front of the property, which is clearly visible and legible from the road, of all relevant details set out in the Local Law. This sign must be maintained for the duration of the construction period and must not be removed until completion of building work.
  • Establishment and maintenance of appropriate site fencing
    Before building starts, the owner or builder must erect a fence around the perimeter of the building site. It must comply with all requirements, and must stay up for the entire building period.

For more details view the building site requirements(PDF, 297KB) or the complete relevant section of the Council General Local Law(PDF, 63KB) .

For further clarification you can contact the Local Laws Department at Melton City Council during business hours on 9747 7200.