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We continuously develop a range of corporate, planning, strategic and operational documents that outline the goals and approaches for Council service delivery and community planning.

Council’s Policies are currently under review.  While a Policy listed below may be past its nominated review date, it is still in place and operational. 

You can download some of these documents below, or you can collect a hard copy of any document at the Civic Centres in Melton or Caroline Springs.

Melton Civic Centre | 232 High Street, Melton
Caroline Springs Civic Centre and Library | 193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs

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Advocacy Policy(PDF, 107KB)

Advocacy Priorities(PDF, 3MB)

Alcohol Harm Minimisation Policy(PDF, 376KB)

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 173KB)

Audit & Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 186KB)

Build Over Easement Policy(PDF, 129KB)

Building Control Intervention Policy(PDF, 231KB)

CCTV (Assessment and Installation) Policy(PDF, 141KB)

CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy(PDF, 214KB)

Child Safe Policy(PDF, 189KB)

Children's Services Policies and Procedures

Citizenship Ceremony Dress Code(PDF, 190KB)

Civic Flag Policy(PDF, 132KB)

Code of Conduct (Councillors)(PDF, 144KB)

Code of Conduct (Employees)(PDF, 1MB)

Community Achievement Awards Policy(PDF, 183KB)

Community Bus Service Access Policy(PDF, 126KB)

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 233KB)

Community Engagement Guidelines(PDF, 4MB)

Community Events Signage Policy(PDF, 223KB)

Community Facilities Access Policy(PDF, 124KB)

Community Funds Program Policy(PDF, 273KB)

Community Gardens Policy(PDF, 162KB)

Community Grants Program Policy(PDF, 191KB)

Community Infrastructure Planning Policy(PDF, 231KB) 

Complaint Management Policy(PDF, 299KB)  

Council Contribution to Fencing Costs(PDF, 227KB)

Councillor Gift Policy(PDF, 331KB)

Councillor Social Media Policy(PDF, 119KB)

Councillor Speaking Opportunity Protocol(PDF, 43KB)

Councillor and Delegated Committee Members Resources, Facilities and Expenses Policy(PDF, 265KB)

Councillors as Candidates in State and Federal Elections Policy(PDF, 101KB)

COVID-19 Financial Assistance (Rates Charges) Policy(PDF, 43KB)

Credit Card Policy(PDF, 229KB)

Crossover Policy(PDF, 173KB)

Debt Collection Policy(PDF, 147KB)

Development and Infrastructure Contributions Policy(PDF, 133KB)

Dog Attack Policy(PDF, 268KB) 

Election Period Policy(PDF, 220KB) 

Enterprise Risk Management Policy(PDF, 192KB)

Environmental Enhancement Program Policy(PDF, 169KB)

Events Policy(PDF, 124KB)

Fees & Charges Policy(PDF, 57KB)

Financial Assistance (Rates & Charges) Policy(PDF, 49KB)

Financial Reserves Policy(PDF, 58KB)

Fireworks Policy(PDF, 103KB)

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy(PDF, 111KB)

Gambling Harm Prevention and Reduction Policy(PDF, 75KB)

Gift and Merchandise Policy(PDF, 157KB)

Governance Rules(PDF, 1MB)

Graffiti Management Policy(PDF, 122KB)

Group Fitness and Personal Training - Use of Open Space Policy(PDF, 154KB)

Healthy Food and Drink Policy(PDF, 206KB)

Investment Policy Statement(PDF, 255KB)

Kindergarten Central Registration Policy(PDF, 262KB)

Live Streaming and Publishing of Council Meetings Policy(PDF, 161KB)

Media Policy(PDF, 158KB)

Men's Shed Policy(PDF, 145KB)

Mobile Food Vehicle Policy(PDF, 152KB) 

Naming of Council Facilities Policy(PDF, 129KB)

Non Standard Public Lighting Policy(PDF, 678KB)

Online Engagement Policy(PDF, 396KB)

Outdoor Advertising Sign Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 615KB)

Photography and Images Policy(PDF, 112KB)

Policy Approval Process Policy(PDF, 275KB)

Political & Electoral Signage Policy(PDF, 223KB)

Privacy Policy(PDF, 237KB)

Procurement Policy(PDF, 356KB)

Public Art Policy(PDF, 450KB)

Public Internet Policy(PDF, 145KB)

Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 159KB)

Purchase of Outgoing Mayoral Gifts(PDF, 31KB)

Sport and Recreation Facility Development Policy(PDF, 302KB)

Traffic Calming Policy(PDF, 298KB)

Tree Planting, Inspection and Removal Policy(PDF, 966KB)

Unsightly or Fire/Storm Damaged Buildings Policy(PDF, 97KB)

Volunteers Policy(PDF, 189KB)