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Melton City Council continuously develops a range of corporate, planning, strategic and operational documents that outlines the goals and approaches for Council service delivery and community planning.
You can download some of these documents below, or you can collect a hard copy of any document at the Civic Centres in Melton or Caroline Springs.
Melton Civic Centre | 232 High Street, Melton
Caroline Springs Civic Centre and Library | 193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs

Council's Hierarchy Documents

Governance Charter(PDF, 310KB)

Annual Report


Strategic Resource Plan

Community Vision

Council and Wellbeing Plan

Council Annual Action Plan


Strategies | Policies | Plans


Melton City Council Digital Strategy(PDF, 628KB)

Community Services Capacity and Attraction Framework(PDF, 611KB)

Creative Melton 2030 - A Vision for Libraries and Arts(PDF, 6MB)

Enterprise Risk Management Strategy 2018-2021(PDF, 72KB)

Equality and Respect 2030 Strategy(PDF, 7MB)

Interfaith Strategy 2018-2021

Investment Attraction Strategy 2016-2019(PDF, 3MB)

Investment Attraction Strategy - Four Year Action Plan(PDF, 501KB)

Investment Attraction Strategy - Background Report(PDF, 3MB)

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan - Action Plan 2016-2017(PDF, 1MB)

Road Safety Strategy - Road to Zero 2009-2018

Waste Diversion & Education Strategy 2020-2025(PDF, 755KB)



Advocacy Policy(PDF, 401KB)

Advocacy Priorities(PDF, 3MB)

Children's Services Policies and Procedures

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 119KB)

Community Engagement Guidelines(PDF, 4MB)

Community Facilities Access Policy(DOCX, 58KB)

Community Grants Program Policy(PDF, 619KB)

Community Requests for Council Budget Allocation Policy(PDF, 56KB)

Complaints Management Policy(PDF, 251KB)

Council and Community Alcohol Liquor Policy(PDF, 381KB)

Development Contributions Policy

Election Period Policy(PDF, 320KB)

Enterprise Risk Management Policy(PDF, 198KB)

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy(PDF, 407KB)

Gambling Harm Prevention and Reduction Policy(PDF, 75KB)

Graffiti Policy(PDF, 129KB)

Language Services Policy

Mobile Food Van Policy(PDF, 222KB)

Naming of Council Facilities Policy(PDF, 129KB)

Non Standard Public Lighting Fixtures Policy(PDF, 678KB)

Outdoor Advertising Sign Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 615KB)

Procurement Policy(DOCX, 51KB)

Public Art Policy(PDF, 88KB)

Reconciliation Policy 2019-2020(PDF, 94KB)

Unsightly or Fire/Storm Damaged Buildings Policy(PDF, 65KB)



Community Learning Plan 2015 - 2018(PDF, 27MB)

Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 452KB)

Economic Development and Tourism Plan 2014-2030(PDF, 3MB)

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2016-2020(DOCX, 1019KB)

Greenhouse Action Plan 2011-2015

Melton: A City for All People 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)

Melton City Council Intercultural Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 20MB)

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017(PDF, 4MB)

Open Space Plan 2016-2026(PDF, 2MB)

Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2020(PDF, 5MB)

Safer City Plan 2015-17(PDF, 3MB)

Other Resources

Community Bus Service User Guide(PDF, 352KB) 

Councillor Code of Conduct

Customer Service Charter

Employee Code of Conduct(DOCX, 401KB)

Environmental Enhancement Rate Rebate

Heritage Study

Naturestrip Guidelines booklet(PDF, 2MB)

Planning Scheme