Learn more about our environment

Council runs a number of programs, activities and events designed to ensure our residents understand and care about the local natural environment. The City of Melton and community groups have won many State and national awards related to the environment.

Community Education

If you would like to learn more about the local environment in the City of Melton look for some of the publications in our local libraries or contact our City, Environment & Sustainability team on 9747 7200.

Talks can be provided to local groups and also guided bus trips to point of environmental interest in the City of Melton (depending on staff availability). Your group may also want to participate in a local planting activity, bird watching, frog watching or an interpreted tour along one of the creeks.

We recommend a visit to Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre to experience the original animals of this area such as Bandicoots, Bettongs and Rock Wallabies. Two short BBC documentaries explain how this centre and it feral proof fence works.

Easter Barred Bandicoots are being bred at Werribee Zoo as they are considered extinct in the wild.

You can download exciting clips of these Bandicoots being released.

Educational Resources for teaching about local Flora and Fauna

Teaching about the plants and animals of the local area can often be challenging.

Footprints of the Western Volcanic Plains is an Australian Curriculum based program using the Volcano Dreaming exhibition with easy to use teacher and student notes. It was developed by Ecolinc with support from Melton City Council. Footprints includes images of the Volcano Dreaming panels.

There are twelve already prepared lessons with video and other links provided.

There is also an iPhone App to identify plants and animals.

The program is based on years 4 to 7 but can be adapted to other levels.