Complaints procedures

Should you be dissatisfied with a Council service for any reason, please contact us to have the matter addressed. Complaints can be made by phone, email, letter or in person. For further information, refer to the Complaints Management Policy and Procedure(PDF, 299KB)
Council will act to resolve any complaint in a fair, timely and efficient manner, as determined by the circumstances applying to each individual matter.
Should you remain unhappy with the initial resolution of a complaint, you may seek to have the matter reviewed by a more senior member of Council staff.
Should you believe the resolution to your complaint is unsatisfactory, you may wish to refer the matter to the Victorian Ombudsman.

Responsibility of Complainants

To ensure a high standard of service to complainants is achieved, it is the responsibility of the complainant to:
  • clearly identify the issue of the complaint, or ask for help to do so
  • give all the information available about the complaint in an organised format at the time of making the complaint
  • cooperate with any enquiries or investigations
  • treat Council staff with courtesy and respect
The absence of any of the above will significantly reduce the chance of a satisfactory outcome. Abuse, harassment or threats to the safety or welfare of staff at Council may result in any complaint being immediately dismissed.

Serious complaints

All complaints alleging corrupt conduct, pecuniary interest breaches, improper use of position, criminal action or maladministration are to be directed to the Public Interest Disclosures Coordinator (PIDC) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  If the allegation relates to the CEO, the matter must be reported to the PIDC. If the allegation relates to the PIDC, the matter must be reported to the CEO.

For further information, visit our Public Interest Disclosure webpage.

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