Council Plans and Budget

Council has developed an integrated approach to planning and delivering services to meet current and future needs of the community.
Integrated planning and reporting aims to ensure we remain an adaptive, responsive and viable local government authority. This is facilitated by understanding what
our community aspires to; setting direction within our resource capability and allowing Council to make informed decisions on behalf of our community.

Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework outlines the relationship between our key strategic documents and highlights the importance of the Community Vision as the pinnacle of Council’s strategic planning. 

A range of corporate, planning, strategic and operational documents that outlines the goals and approaches for Council service delivery and community planning can be found under Publications.

Key strategic documents

Council and Wellbeing Plan

The Melton City Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 6MB) is the key document that sets out the strategic and planning direction for Council and the community over the next four years.

To reinforce its commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of local residents, business owners and visitors alike, Council has again incorporated its Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan into its Council Plan.  This strategic decision clearly articulates that the welfare of our community is not only a key priority, but will be a major factor in influencing Council decision making going forward.

Council and Wellbeing Annual Action Plan

Each year, in line with the budget process, Council produces an Annual Action Plan(PDF, 358KB) that states how Council will work towards achieving its strategic objectives as committed in the Council Plan.

Health and Wellbeing Profile 

Positive health and wellbeing supports people to fulfil their potential and aspirations in life, meet their day-to-day needs and to cope with changes in the environment and society around them. We know that many issues impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. It is important to recognise that health status varies markedly across the community, with socioeconomic disadvantage the greatest cause of health inequalities. Data can be found in the City of Melton Health and Wellbeing Profile(PDF, 5MB).

Melton City Council Financial Plan

The Financial Plan 2021 - 2031(PDF, 4MB)  covers all aspects of Council’s role including the delivery of programs and services, building new infrastructure, as well as the maintenance of roads, footpaths, bike paths, buildings, and parks. 

4 Year Rating and Revenue Plan

The purpose of the Revenue and Rating Plan 2021/22 - 2025/26(PDF, 1MB)  is to determine the most appropriate and affordable revenue and rating approach for Melton City Council which in conjunction with other income sources will adequately finance the objectives in the council plan. 

Annual budget

The Melton City Council Budget is aligned to the vision and the objectives as set out in the Council’s Council Plan, Council strategies and management plans. It seeks to maintain, improve and significantly enhance the level of infrastructure within the City as well as deliver projects and services that are valued by our community and do this within the rate increase mandated by the State Government. 

Strategic Resource Plan

The Melton City Council Strategic Resource Plan  provides direction in future service planning and is a critical tool in identifying and managing Council’s financial risks. The Plan informs Council decision-making in areas such as service levels, infrastructure management, rating strategy and investment targets, and then reflects the future impact of those decisions. The Plan also provides the long term, prudent and “sustainable’ financial framework within which Council will develop, consider and adopt the 2020/21 Budget.  

Melton City Council Asset Plan

The Asset Plan 2021-2031(PDF, 6MB) is  a suite of documents that outline how Council will improve the way we deliver services and outcomes for our community’s infrastructure including transport, buildings, stormwater and open space assets.

The suite of documents is comprised of the Asset Management Strategy and four Asset Management Plans.

  1. Open Space Management Plan(PDF, 5MB)
  2. Transport Management Plan(PDF, 5MB)
  3. Stormwater Management Plan(PDF, 6MB)

These aim to ensure that Council’s asset management and infrastructure services are provided in an economically optimal way, with the appropriate level of service to residents, visitors and the environment.