Animal pound


Municipal Depot
90-92 High Street
(entrance is located 50m past SES Building)

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 9.30am - 11am and 3pm - 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday
9.30am - 10.30am
or by appointment
9747 7200 or

Closed Public Holidays

Impounded Pets

Council is required to keep a dog or cat for eight days if it is impounded.

Collecting your pet

If you wish to collect your pet from the pound you will need to:

  • register your pet (over the age of three months) with Council
  • microchip your pet
  • provide proof of ownership
  • show identification such as a driver’s license

Animal Release Costs

  • impounded animal release fees apply $88.50 (dog) and $44.50 (cat)
  • daily fees will apply $18 (dog) and $15.50 (cat)  
  • a registration fee will apply if the animal is not registered
  • a microchip fee of $87 will apply if the animal has not been microchipped.
  • Impounded Livestock release fees apply $60 (per animal) and daily fees will apply $17.50 (per animal) 

 Additional fines may be imposed for unregistered animals and animals at large. Animals not wearing Council identification marker outside their property can also risk a penalty under the Domestic Animal Act 1994.