Fire services property levy

The State Government charges a Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL), which appears on rates notices as a separate item.

Council collects this fee on behalf of the State Government and this is not a Council charge for Council services.

Council’s role is to act as a collection agency - the levy collected will be transferred directly on to the State Government, who is the responsible authority.

The Fire Services Property Levy will comprise a fixed component ($125 for residential properties and $254 for non-residential properties) as well as a variable charge assessed on the property’s capital improved value.

Property owners who currently receive a Council rates concession in respect to their principal place of residence will automatically receive the FSPL concession rate, which is a $50 discount from the total levy amount.

To calculate how much your Fire Services Property Levy contribution will be, you can use the online calculator available on the Fire Services Property Levy website.

For more information:

Fire Services Property Levy

For questions regarding the Fire Services Property Levy, contact the State Revenue Office or Ph: 13 21 61.

Queries or concerns about insurance

For complaints regarding your insurance policy, contact your insurance company or the Fire Services Levy Monitor or Ph: 1300 300 635.


For further information on Victorian concessions call the Concession Information Line on Ph: 1800 658 521.