New electronic waste rules introduced by the State Government on 1 July 2019 mean that anything with a cord or battery cannot go in any kerbside bins.

City of Melton residents can drop off their old electronics at the Melton Recycling Facility for free.

E-waste (or electronic waste) is growing three times faster than standard local waste. The new ban will recover more precious resources and help protect the environment from potentially hazardous materials.

Recovered e-waste is carefully disassembled and suitable components are shredded, sorted and repurposed to be used in new batteries, electronics, homewares and more. 

E-waste items accepted at the permanent drop-off site include:

  • computers and keyboards
  • cords
  • mobile phones
  • televisions and radios
  • headphones
  • air conditioners
  • whitegoods
  • small appliances
  • batteries
  • fluorescent lights
  • power tools
  • printer cartridges


Please note this facility cannot accept commercial quantities of any free disposal items and non City of Melton residents may be charged a fee.