The City of Melton is a municipality with a great variety of street types.  The variation of urban, suburban, semi-rural and rural streets and roads create an interesting and valuable street landscape.

What is a naturestrip?

The term commonly refers to the area of public land between the property boundary and the road kerb or shoulder in roads and streets.  This includes the strips of public land on the sides or corner properties.

Who is responsible for maintaining naturestrips?

It is the responsibility of the resident to maintain the naturestrip abutting their property. Normally this is by regular mowing, weeding, picking up litter and the topping up of soil on the naturestrip if required..

Where residents do not maintain naturestrips and naturestrips become unsightly, Council under The General Local Law  will ensure that the resident is aware of their responsibility and that the naturestrip is maintained in order to present a neat and tidy street.

If the naturestrip becomes damaged following Service Authority works, such as water, gas, electricity, communication facility works or as a result of building work the Service Authority or builder is responsible for naturestrip repairs and reinstatement.

Where Service Authorities or Contractors are required to undertake works that require removal or disruption of objects, plants or other things on road reserves and footpaths that have been installed by the resident, the Service Authority or Contractor will only be required to reinstate the road reserve or footpath to normal condition, i.e. not the augmented condition.

New Subdivisions
In some areas, the Developer will install the naturestrip and trees, and maintain them for a period of time (varies).  In these instances please contact the Developer or Council's Landscape Team for any enquiries.

What options are available for landscaping naturestrips?

Council supports beautification of naturestrips provided that the underlying purposes of the naturestrip can be maintained whilst ensuring the ongoing safety of the general public.

If you plan to do anything other than grow grass on your naturestrip, you will need to complete a Naturestrip Landscaping Application form.

For more information contact our Customer Service team on 9747 7200.