Do you need a permit for your project?

Building regulations and requirements can be quite complex. If you are unsure if you need a form or permit, contact Building Services on 9747 7200.


Adjoining Property Owners Comments(DOC, 224KB)

Application for Council Report and Consent Dispensation(DOC, 448KB)

Application for Council Report and Consent of Public Protection Measurements Over the Street Alignment(DOC, 247KB)

Application for Council Report and Consent to Build on Land Subject to Flooding or Designated Land(DOC, 234KB)

Application for Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment(DOC, 254KB)

Building Investigation Request(DOC, 228KB)

Property Information Request

Request for Copy of Domestic Building Permit Documents(DOC, 238KB)

Request for Copy of Commercial Building Permit Documents(DOC, 238KB)

Other building related websites

Victorian Building Commission
Fencing Information Online
Land Data


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Melton City Council’s Building Services Unit is responsible for the administration and enforcement of building provisions in its municipal district.