How many pets can I have?

An owner or occupier of land equal to or less than 4,000 square metres can keep a limited number of animals on their property. 

You require a permit from Council if you would like to keep more than:

  • two dogs
  • two cats
  • five rodents (ferret, guinea pig or rabbit) or reptiles (snake, lizard, turtle or tortoise) 
  • 12 poultry (duck, geese, peacock, pheasant, turkey or female chicken)
  • 20 small birds (budgerigar, canary or finch)
  • 20 large birds (pigeon or cockatoo)
  • any rooster

An owner or occupier of land greater than 4,000 square metres but less than 20,000 square metres can keep up to five dogs and/or five cats without a permit.  If you would like to keep more than five dogs and/or five cats you need to apply for a permit.

The Owner or Occupier of a Property must keep any animal in accordance with the relevant Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 or Domestic Animals Act 1994 in addition to complying with Melton City Council’s General Local Laws 2015 in relation to Animal Control such as but not limited to:

  • Section 80 Animal Litter – remove excrement from public place
  • Section 81 Animal Numbers – limited number of animals contingent on property size
  • Section 82 Animals in a Public Place – permit required depending on animal type
  • Section 83 Animal Keeping – prevent animal from escaping, maintenance of animal housing and property structure
  • Section 84 Animal Nuisance – management of noise and smell
Animal permit

Animal permit application.


  • All dogs and cats on the property must be registered and securely confined to the premises listed on the application form, in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994.
  • The Permit, if granted, will be issued to the person and property named in the application and is not transferable.
  • The Permit pertains to the animals identified in the application only. Any changes to a valid permit must be communicated to Animal Management.
  • An Animal Ranger will attend and inspect the animals, and their housing, to ensure that they are kept in accordance with the Melton City Council General Local Law 2015 with adequate shelter, food and water, and are secured within the property in a manner to maintain the safety of the animals and prevent nuisance to any neighbouring residents.
  • Please also read General Local Law 2015, Part 6 - Animal Control section available on the Melton City Council website:
  • All excrement must be disposed of in a manner that prevents odour, and is in accordance with the Health Act 1958.
  • If a permit is granted, it will be valid for two years and subject to review if Council receives any complaints from neighbouring properties. All conditions and requirements must be met. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions could result in this Permit being cancelled or penalties imposed, as prescribed in the Melton City Council General Local Law 2015.

Advice from neighbours

Prior to issuing you a permit a Council Officer may be in contact with your surrounding neighbours, adjoining or in close vicinity to your property, to determine if there are any submissions.

If the applicant is not the owner of the land for which the permit is required you must provide written approval from the property owner.

Fees and Charges

Fees charged for an animal permit application are administration fees and are non-refundable.

Your application will not be processed until payment of the fee is received.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please contact Council for the current fees.