Kerbside bins and collections

The waste service charge covers the collection & disposal of your kerbside waste and your annual waste entitlement.

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Red and yellow bins are provided to residents for the safe and easy disposal of general household waste and recyclable materials.  Residents can also opt to have a green bin to dispose of garden waste such as grass clippings, small branches, leaves and small logs. 

Various bin sizes are available to suit the needs of your household (see Bin options below). Additional bins can be provided for a fee. 

Bin collections:

  • Landfill waste bin (red lid) is collected weekly, and is available in 120L only
  • Recycling bin (yellow lid) is collected fortnightly, and is available in 240L only
  • Organics bin (green lid) is collected fortnightly (on the alternate week to recycling), and is available in 120L or 240L

In order to have your bins collected, please:

  • place your bins on the nature strip for collection (unless otherwise directed by Council)
  • place bins out by 6am on the day of collection (please ensure your bins are taken back in within 24 hours of collection)
  • ensure there is clear access to your bin (away from parked cars, trees and other objects)
  • ensure bins are placed at least 50cm apart
  • face bins outwards towards the kerb
  • do not overfill your bin (the lid must be fully closed and weight limits apply; heavy bins cannot be emptied)
  • do not put unacceptable items into your bins (refer to the dos and don'ts pages)

For details on your collection day, check your bin and waste collection dates.

Bin collection days

For details on your collection day, check the bin and waste collection dates.

Bin collection will be altered during the Easter and Christmas holidays.

Remember to have your bins out prior to 6am on the morning of collection.

Bin repairs and replacements

Bin repairs and replacements are done weekdays except public holidays.

Report a Damaged bin 
After notifying us, please leave the damaged bin where it will be easily accessible for the driver (i.e. where you would normally leave your bin out for collection).

Replacements: Has your bin gone missing? Before you call us, please check that your neighbours have not mistaken it for theirs. You may be required to complete a Statutory Declaration to support your claim of a missing bin.

All bins remain the property of Council.

To request a bin replacement complete the damaged bin online form.

Report a missed bin

Double-check that it is your collection day and make sure you have ensured you have adhered to the collection guidelines with what you can and can't put in your bins.

If you still need to make a report, you must do so within 1 business day of your collection day. 

To make a report, please notify us of your missed collection by completing the general enquiry form.

Bin options and additional bins

The waste service charge is a flat fee of $319 per annum (as at 1 July 2023).  The waste charge covers the collection & disposal of your kerbside waste and your annual waste entitlement.
Note: this applies to all properties eligible for a Council kerbside waste service.

Request New Bin Service
Request to Upgrade Bin Service 
Request to Downgrade Bin Service

 Bin options and service rates

Option Bin Combination
(red lid)
(yellow lid)
(bright green













If you order bins or change your bin part way through the year, you will pay a pro rata (part-year) rate.

New homes

If you have just moved in to a newly built house, please contact us for bins once your home is occupied and has a clearly identified house number and we'll deliver a bin within 3 business days. 

Bins for a newly occupied property can only be ordered by the owner of a property.

If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord or managing real estate agent.

Additional bins

If you need an additional bin to what is offered in the bin options above, it will cost $170.00 extra in the 2023-2024 financial year.

Only owner/s of the property can request additional bins as there is a fee. 

A Managing Authority, such as a Real Estate agent, can not order additional bins on behalf of the owner.

For more information contact Customer Service on 9747 7200.

Cancellation of additional bin service

Please note: from July 2021, residential bin options have changed.  Please review changes prior to making any changes to your bin service by visiting: Waste service bin options and entitlements.


Note: this form is only to be used to remove an additional bin from your property.  An additional bin is when you have multiple bins with the same coloured lid (e.g. 2 red bins).

If you only have one GREEN FOGO bin at your property and wish to remove it, or if you wish to change your standard bin options visit: Waste service bin options and entitlements.

Additional bin services can be cancelled and the bin can be removed provided:

  • the property continues to have at least one RED general waste bin and one YELLOW recycling bin at a minimum
  • the request to remove the service is made by the Property Owner
  • a fee of $47 applies and must be paid at the time of the request.

A Managing Authority will not be accepted to order or make changes to a bin service.

If the owner of a property wishes to nominate a real estate agent to act on their behalf, this will need to be done in writing and the postal address will need to be changed to that of the real estate agent.  For more information contact Customer Service on 9747 7200.

Request to cancel additional bin service.

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For further information, please contact our Customer Service Unit on 9747 7200 or visit our Contact Us webpage.