Waste A-Z

Use this guide to help you recycle and dispose of waste correctly.

If you can't find an item on the list, email: resourceeducator@melton.vic.gov.au.

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Place empty aerosol cans in your Recycling bin (yellow lid)

Place empty aluminium cans into your Recycling bin (yellow lid) 

Scrunch into a ball and place in your recycling bin (yellow lid)

All animal waste should be wrapped in a compostable or plastic bag and placed in your Landfill waste bin (red lid).

Animal waste is not accepted in food and garden waste bins (green lid).  It can contain pathogens that are harmful to people who work at the composting facilities.

  • Not accepted in any kerbside bin
  • Don't cut or break
  • Visit asbestos.vic.gov.au or contact the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on Ph: 1300 372 842 for more information on the correct and safe way to dispose of asbestos 

Put disposable plastic bags in your landfill waste bin (red lid)

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