Accessible Parking Permits

There are three different parking permits issued under the APP Scheme:

  1. An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit – formerly the Category 1 Blue disabled permit
  2. A Double Time (DT) Permit – formerly the Category 2 Green Permit
  3. An ADP Organisation Permit – formerly Blue organisation permit. 

 Find out more and apply for a Accessible Parking Permit

Parking issue

Council is often contacted by residents concerned with illegal and unsafe parking.

You can report a parking issue by completing the general enquiries form.

Parking Fines

Parking fines (infringement notices) are enforced by State Law. An infringement notice can be handed to you, placed on your windscreen or sent to you in the mail.

Failure to pay a parking fine or to take any other action within 28 days may result in further enforcement action and further costs being added.

View details and photos of the infringement

View your fine details

Pay your parking fine

  • Online Payments
  • In person at one of the Civic Centres
  • By mail to:
    Melton City Council
    PO Box 21
    Melton Vic 3337
    (Include your infringement notice and a cheque or money order for the full amount, made payable to Melton City Council.)

How do I apply for a payment plan?

You must apply in writing for a payment plan (an extension of time to pay). 

Was not the driver at the time or request to have the matter heard and determined by Court?

If you are the registered owner of a vehicle and someone else was driving the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued you have an opportunity to nominate the person. Please complete the Nomination Statement(DOCX, 232KB) (Part 1) if you were not the driver at the time the infringement was issued,  or (Part 2) to apply for the matter to be heard and determined in Court.

How do I appeal an infringement notice?

You must apply in writing to have an infringement notice reviewed. Please note: each infringement notice can only be reviewed once.

Internal Review

To request an internal review of a parking notice, submit an application for an internal review(PDF, 114KB) or send a letter to the Melton City Council requesting a parking infringement notice to be internally reviewed.

You must provide all of the following information in the letter:

  • name and postal address
  • infringement notice number
  • offence as stated on the infringement notice
  • car registration, if applicable
  • an explanation of why you believe the infringement notice should be reviewed
  • any supporting evidence you think is relevant to the review

Submit your application or letter

  • in person:
    Melton Civic Centre: 232 High Street
    Caroline Springs Civic Centre: 193 Caroline Sprigs Boulevard
    Melton Library and Learing Hub: 31 McKenzie Street
  • by mail to:
    Infringement Review Team
    Melton City Council
    PO Box 21
    Melton Vic 3337
  • by email: (make sure your email is less than 10mb)

The internal review process can take up to 90 days (or longer if additional information is required). Please do not pay the infringement notice during this period.

Council will contact you if the infringement notice has been withdrawn or if the matter will proceed.

Failure to pay or provide requested additional information could result in further costs.

Having the case heard by a court

You can choose to have your matter dealt with in the Magistrates' Court by notifying Melton City Council in writing to:

  • Melton City Council
    PO Box 21
    Melton Vic 3337

Please note: The Mayor and Councillors do not have any involvement in Melton City Council's administration functions, and are unable to respond to letters about parking fines.

All requests for an internal review must be directed to the Infringement Review team.