Are you interested in developing new parenting strategies?  Are you having trouble with your children's behaviour?

Council runs several parenting programs in partnership with other organisations.

Tuning Into Kids

A parenting program for parents of children aged 3-10 years.

For many parents, connecting with children during emotional moments can be the most rewarding but also the most challenging part of parenting.

This program assists parents to better understand emotional intelligence and how they can use emotion coaching to help their children:

  • understand and manage their emotions
  • improve behaviour, concentration and resilience
  • develop positive and lasting relationships

This program runs at various times through the year. For more information on all parenting programs, contact our Family Services team on 9747 7200 or via email:


Maternal and Child Health Service

The Melton City Council Maternal and Child Health Service offers a range of parenting support services and programs including:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • New Parent Groups
  • Sleep and Settling programs

Visit the Maternal and Child Health page for more information.


Other organisations that can help with parenting:

  • Child First - 1300 138 180
  • Melton Health's Adolescent and Young Adult Program - 8746 1100
  • Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service - 1800 44 5511