Are you interested in developing new parenting strategies?  Are you having troubles with your children's behaviour?

Council runs several parenting programs in partnerships.

1,2,3 Magic and Emotion Coaching

Melton City Council Family Services runs the 1,2,3 Magic Program at Arnold's Creek Children's and Community Centre in Melton.

The 1,2,3 Magic program aims to teach parents how to deal with their children's difficult behavior by using an easy to learn and easy to use signaling system. It supports parents to:

  • handle challenging and testing behaviours
  • choose a strategy using the three choice model
  • use emotion coaching to encourage good behavior.

This program is FREE and is suitable for parents with children aged from 2-12 years.

For more information and bookings, please contact Joanne on 9747 7200 or via email:

Footsteps group

  • partnership with Mackillop Family Services
  • meets weekly during school terms at Melton South Community Centre.

The Footsteps group strengthens Melton families' parenting abilities to their children, and encourages parents to provide a safe, nurturing and appropriate environment. We focus on certain areas of skill development:

  • parenting skills development
  •  health and well being
  • social connectedness
  • community engagement
  • knowledge of child development and strengthening the parent-child relationship

Come and join other families in a parenting and wellbeing group offering positive and nurturing activities for parents.

Tuning Into Kids

A parenting program for parents of children aged 3-10 years. For many parents, connecting with children during emotional moments can be the most rewarding but also the most challenging part of parenting. This program assists parents to better understand emotional intelligence and how they can use emotion coaching to support their children to:

  • understand and manage their emotions
  • improve behaviour, concentration and resilience
  • develop positive and lasting relationships

This program runs at various times through the year.

Breaking the Cycle

A 6 week support and information group for parents experiencing issues of aggression and conflict with their adolescent children.
Topics covered include:

  • safety & self care
  • violence & adolescent development
  • communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • dealing with anger
  • rebuilding relationships

This program runs once a year in partnership with Council's Youth Services.

For more information on all parenting programs, contact our Family Services on 9747 7200 or via email:

Other organisations that can help with parenting:

  • Child First - 1300 138 180
  • Melton Health's Adolescent and Young Adult Program - 8746 1100
  • Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service - 1800 44 5511