Maternal & child health

Changes to Maternal Child Health Service

Melton City is a vibrant and fast-growing community experiencing high demand for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services. We are Australia’s fastest growing local government area, with greater than double the state average growth over the past three years.

We recognise the benefits that MCH can provide to children and families, and the important role that the service plays to improve the early identification of children who need more support. We are incredibly proud of the service we offer and are working to increase our capacity to meet the needs of Melton City’s growing community.

That is why we are significantly increasing the support provided to our MCH team through the recent establishment of a dedicated MCH department and increased employment conditions and benefits. We are working to ensure the Melton City Council is a place where MCH nurses can grow their careers, we are advertising employment opportunities to attract more nurses and we continue to advocate for a stronger MCH system in Victoria.

For now, Melton City Council will need to continue to operate a prioritised MCH Service. This means that Key Age and Stage (KAS) appointments are currently available for:

  • Our youngest infants and their families (0-8 weeks)
  • First-time parents (4 months)
  • All Aboriginal infants, children and families
  • Children and families with additional needs or concerns across all age groups, including families in the Enhanced MCH Program.

As our capacity grows, we will seek to increase the service level for the community.

If you are accessing our prioritised service, please be sure to let us know if you cannot attend your scheduled visit 24 hours before so that we are able to offer the appointment time to another family.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, please complete the Parents Evaluation Developmental Status (PEDS) in your MCH ‘green book’ and email a photo of it to This confidential email is monitored by Maternal and Child Health nurses, and someone from the team will be in touch.

If you need support to complete the PEDs form, please let us know (preferably via email) and we will be in touch. Please also consider other services and supports listed in the attached document.

If you have questions related to this letter, please email: 

Support measures available

Several parent education support measures are available during this time to help support you and help you understand your child’s health and development:

If you have questions about this service change, please email

Families have been be sent a letter with this update(PDF, 311KB).