Waste service bin options and entitlements

Bin options

We have introduced new streamlined waste service options for residents to choose from.  A new flat fee of $319 has been introduced for all options, including an additional At Home hard waste collection and an optional kerbside green FOGO (Food Organics, Green Organics) bin in two sizes, at no additional cost.

Either property owners or residential tenants can request a change to a property’s bin options, with proof of residency. Additional bins, however, can only be requested by property owners, as fees apply.

 Option                      Bin Combination
(red lid)     
(yellow lid)     
(bright green     













If you order bins or change your bin part way through the year, you will pay a pro rata (part-year) rate.

Request New Bin Service
Upgrade your Bin Service
Downgrade your Bin Service

Waste entitlements

If you are receiving a Council kerbside waste collection service, including both tenants and owners, you can access waste entitlements:

  • Two hard waste collections up to 3m3 from within your property boundary.  Bookings essential.  Visit our Hard waste webpage, or

  • Two visits to the Melton Recycling Facility with a car or trailer up to 1m3.  Access for ratepayers is available by scanning your rates notice or quoting your Rates Assessment Number.  Residential tenants can access these options by applying in advance.  Proof of residency is required, or

  • One visit to the Melton Recycling Facility and one At Home hard waste collection.

Tenants who need to apply in advance can contact us and will need to provide a utility bill as proof of residency and a letter authorising entitlements will be arranged.

Please note: Waste entitlements expire at the end of each financial year, 30 June. Hard Waste collection requests must be submitted by 16 June to guarantee collection before entitlement expiry.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a change to a kerbside bin service?

The fastest and easiest way to either upgrade or downgrade your service is to do it online by completing the:

Upgrade your Bin Service online form
Downgrade your bin Service online form

You can call us on 9747 7200 and talk to one of our customer service officers, but please keep in mind this is a busy time of year for Council and you may need to wait a little longer than normal for your call to be answered.  If you can complete the request online, please follow the simple online process. However, we are happy to take your call and assist over the phone if that is the best option for you.

How do I order additional bins?

If you need an additional bin to what is offered in the bin options above, it will cost $170 extra in the 2023-2024 financial year.

Only owner/s of the property can request additional bins as there is a fee.

A Managing Authority, such as a Real Estate agent, can not order additional bins on behalf of the owner.

For more information contact Customer Service on 9747 7200.

Why has the waste charge changed?

In response to State Government increases to the landfill levy, Council reviewed its waste offerings and developed a flat fee, and new service structure, to help streamline service offerings and facilitate more equitable access to services across the community, including permitting tenants to customise their waste service to suit their household.

Why is the waste option I previously had no longer available?

In streamlining our waste offerings, some previous options have been removed so that we can provide a better service to all households across the community.

All previous options will continue to be serviced and maintained by Council (eg. collection of 80-litre red bins will continue) until the bin reaches end of life and can no longer be repaired. However, the flat fee now applies across all waste options available to households.

What does a waste charge cover?

  • weekly collection, processing and disposal of kerbside waste (including the contents of the red, yellow and green bins)

  • waste entitlements: two vouchers that can be used to access Council’s At Home hard waste collection service and Melton Recycling Facility (one of each or two of a kind)

Which properties are subject to a waste charge?

All properties that receive a Council kerbside collection service are subject to a waste charge.

Some residential properties (eg. townhouse or unit blocks) may not be subject to a waste charge as a service is provided directly through their body corporate.

Who can request a bin upgrade?

Following the introduction of Council’s flat fee for bin service options, as of Thursday 1 July 2021, property owners and tenants can request to upgrade a bin service to a property’s bin options.

Tenants need to provide proof of residency (eg. a current lease agreement or utility bill).

Any additional bins or downgrading of a bin service to the standard bin options (eg. extra bins/removal of additional bins) still need to be requested by the owner of the property, as fees will apply.

I have an 80-litre red bin. Do I have to upgrade to a 120-litre red bin?

No, the 80-litre red bin services will continue to be collected by Council.  However, the flat fee of $319 will be applied, even if you choose to keep your 80-litre bin.

What happens if my 80-litre red bin gets damaged?

If your 80-litre red bin is damaged beyond repair, Council will replace it with a 120-litre red bin.

If your 80-litre red bin is repairable and you do not wish to upgrade, Council will repair the bin so you can continue to use it. Any returned or damaged bins are sent to be recycled.

Can I upgrade my 80-litre bin to a 120-litre bin?

Yes. The flat rate of $319 covers the cost of all bin options and there is no charge to upgrade from an 80-litre bin to a 120-litre bin.

How do I know what to put in each bin?

Yellow recycling bin

  • Aluminium and steel, including cans, clean aluminium foil and trays, empty aerosol cans
  • Glass, including bottles and jars (lids removed). No broken glass or mirror should be put in your recycling bin
  • Plastics and cartons, including milk and juice cartons, hard plastics that hold their shape (like ice cream containers and detergent bottles), paper and cardboard, newspaper, magazines, envelopes, junk mail, cereal boxes, egg cartons and clean pizza boxes
  • NOTE: do not put soft plastics (incl. plastic bags) or nappies in your yellow bin

Green Food and Organics (FOGO) bin

  • Grass, leaves, twigs, small branches, garden prunings, weeds, bamboo, flowers
  • Coffee grounds & tea leaves, dairy products, eggshells
  • Meat, seafood and bones
  • Fruit & vegetable scraps
  • Bread, rice, pasta, noodles
  • Biscuits and all other processed food products.
  • NOTE: do not put soft plastics (incl. plastic bags) or nappies in your green bin

Red rubbish bin

  • General household waste, like vacuum cleaner dust, nappies, glass and ceramics, cups, plates, pyrex, window glass, mirrors, and incandescent light globes - wrap in newspaper, especially if broken
  • Food (if you don’t have a green bin)
  • Polystyrene (this can be taken to a specialist recycler such as Unipod in Buys Court, Derrimut on weekdays)
  • Soft plastic, however you can avoid putting plastic bags in landfill by taking them to a specialty Recycle collection points located at Coles and Woolworths
  • Other soft plastic items. These are items that don't retain their shape when you squeeze them such as cling wrap, and biscuit wrappers
  • Coffee cups and pods

A detailed list of all the items that can be placed in each bin can be found on our Waste webpages.

Are we getting a bin for glass?

The Victorian Kerbside Reform will see all households have a glass bin by 2027. In the meantime, glass jars and bottles can be disposed of via your yellow recycling bin.

What happens to old or damaged bins?

They are sent for recycling.

All our wheelie bins are made from recyclable plastic material which can be used to make new wheelie bins over and over again.

What is a waste entitlement?

Waste entitlements are included in the property’s waste charge. They allow residents to dispose of waste by attending the Melton Recycling Facility or booking an At Home hard waste collection. 

Do I have access to waste entitlements?

If you are receiving a Council kerbside waste collection service, including both tenants and owners, you can access waste entitlements.


How can I access my waste entitlements?

Melton Recycling Facility:

  • Owners need to present their rates notice or quote their assessment number and ID at the Melton Recycling Facility to access their entitlement.
  • Tenants need to call CSU and request a letter authorising entitlements. Proof of residency required.

At Home Hard Waste Collection:

Can my hard waste be collected from another address?

No. At Home hard waste collections must be collected from the property the entitlement has been allocated to.

Why is a Melton Recycling Facility visit only 1m3 and an At Home hard waste collection 3m3?

The At Home hard waste collection pick up items that can be recovered, reused or recycled, therefore a larger quantity is accepted.

Mixed waste that dropped off at the Melton Recycling Facility is typically unsorted and will go straight to landfill, which results in higher disposal costs. This is why a 1m3 entitlement is applied.

You can dispose of free green waste in November and December.

The Melton Recycling Facility provides free disposal of many items all year round, green waste is also free to dispose during the months of November and December.

See a full list of items that can be disposed for free at the Melton Recycling Facility.

What can I put out for my hard waste collection?

  • Air conditioners, white goods, hot water units, and electronic waste such as tvs, computers, monitors and peripherals such as keyboard and mouse
  • Household furniture, household appliances, toys, playground equipment
  • Pottery, ceramics and chinaware, boxed
  • Mattresses, bed bases. Counted as one piece each; limit of 2 per collection
  • Scrap metal, old tin and other metal waste
  • Tree stumps (max 30cm diameter), roots and branches
  • Glass panes and mirrors (must be wrapped and labelled)
  • Carpet, underlay, rugs (max 1.5m long)
  • Packaging not suitable for fortnightly collection.

To book a collection visit our Hard waste webpage.

Can I have hard waste collected from my vacant property?

No, a vacant property does not have a waste charge applied to their rates and therefore is not eligible for a waste entitlement.

Can I purchase additional vouchers?

Unfortunately, no. Additional vouchers cannot be purchased through Council.

You can see a list of what can be dropped off at the Melton Recycling Facility for free through our permanent drop site (batteries, paint, oil etc…) and Resale Shop, along with transfer station fees and charges, by visiting our Melton Recycling Facility webpage.

Where does my kerbside waste go?

  • Landfill goes to Melbourne Regional Landfill (Ravenhall)
  • Recycling goes to VISY Recycling (Laverton)
  • Food and organics waste (FOGO) goes to Veolia (Bulla)