Geography and geology

The City of Melton is located on the eastern edge of the Victorian Volcanic Plains which covers 10% of the State.

Victorian Volcanic Plain

The Victorian Volcanic Plain is dominated by cenozoic volcanic deposits which are approximately 65 million years old. Examples of this can be seen at Mount Cottrell and Mount Kororoit both of which are located in the Melton municipality.

The Plain is characterised by vast open areas of fertile plain covered with grasslands and grassy woodlands, and small patches of open woodland.

Mount Cottrell is a low lava cone resting on a broad lava shield formed by the radial eruption of numerous thin fluid lava tongues. The mountain is a dormant volcano 165 metres above sea level and the summit provides a great view of the Western Plains of Melbourne.

Mount Kororoit is a small asymmetric conical hill with a flattened summit, steep southern slopes and a long, gentle northern slope of eroded lava. On this flow is a broad, swampy depression north of Holden Road. The hill is predominantly of scoria and is capped by a rocky outcrop of lava and lava agglomerate.