Community Satisfaction Survey

Measuring Community satisfaction

Council has commissioned a Community Satisfaction Survey annually since 2014/15. 

The 2021 Household Community Satisfaction Survey  

Since 2015, every year Council conducts a household customer satisfaction survey, known as the Metropolis Survey. This is normally a door-to-door survey and involves surveying 800 households across the municipality.

In 2020, due to the COVID environment, the Survey was conducted via telephone.  The survey will be conducted via telephone again this year.

In all cases the Metropolis Researchers will introduce themselves and invite the resident to participate prior to proceeding to ask questions from the Council approved survey. 

The information collected via this survey is important, as it helps us to meet our State regulated reporting obligations, as well as providing important insight on a range of important issues and attitudes held by the community. The survey is scheduled to commence in June 2021 and will continue over a four week period until all 800 surveys have been completed.

For further information about the Survey please contact Council on 9747 7200.  


2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey results

2020 results

The annual Household Satisfaction Survey provides a valuable avenue for Council to better understand community needs, motivations and levels of satisfaction across a broad range of services, performance measures and issues. In total 800 households in the City of Melton are surveyed each year.

Download the 2020 Community Satisfaction Survey Overview Report(PDF, 1MB)  

Usually conducted door to door, in 2020 it was conducted as a telephone survey (including both mobile and landline phones).  A total of 804 residents were randomly surveyed from a sample drawn proportionally from across the municipality. 

Completed between April and June each year, respondents broadly represent the City’s community profile.

The survey measures importance of Council’s services and facilities, and then satisfaction with:

  • 35 Council services and facilities
  • Council’s governance and leadership
  • Customer service
  • Planning for population growth
  • Planning and housing development 
  • Performance of Council ‘across all areas of responsibility’ and
  • the impact of Covid-19 on the household.

It invites participants to identify current issues of importance and explores how these issues may impact on satisfaction with Council.  The survey also measures community perception of key issues including the perception of safety and the sense of community.  Agreement with statements about Melton City Council and community, as well as views around family violence are also captured.

This information is used for Council performance reporting purposes and plays an integral role in Council’s annual strategic planning activities.

In 2020, satisfaction with Council’s overall performance was rated at 6.87 out of ten, and Governance and Leadership was 6.81.   Average satisfaction with services was 7.50.  

The top three issues identified by community in 2020 were:

  • traffic management (13.6%)
  • roads maintenance and repairs (11.6%)
  • and safety policy and crime (6.7% down from 11.2% in 2019)

For further information about this year’s Survey please contact our Social Planning Team on 9747 7200.