Food safety

As part of our response to Covid-19 Council is waiving the Renewal of Registration fees for all premises registered under the Food Act and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act for the registration period 1 January to 31 December 2021.

Registration renewals will be issued in November, however there will be no fee attached.  You are still required to review, sign and return the registration in order for your Certificate of Registration 2021 to be issued.

Registered businesses can view, update and pay renewals online via our:

Online Health Portal.

Community groups fundraising events food safety obligations

If you are a community group or not-for-profit body wanting to raise funds by selling food in Victoria, you need to:

  • watch a short video to understand what you need to do
  • use a simple online tool to identify the right food safety procedures and obligations for your event.

To see the video and online tool visit: Victoria Department of Health Food Fundraiser page.

For-profit groups food safety obligations

If you don't fit in the community group or non-profit category, contact our Health and Building Services team on 9747 7200 to discuss what you need to know about selling food safely.