Open Space, Landscape and Urban Design

We're committed to improving the standard of the outdoor environment within the City of Melton. Our aim is to ensure unified, attractive and sustainable parks, streetscapes and public outdoor areas are delivered. High quality landscapes can add value to existing and new areas, playing a key role in increasing civic pride, local identity and community ownership over the public domain.

The provision of open space and associated infrastructure in an area is determined by Precinct Structure Plans in growth areas, and by the Melton Planning Scheme, supported by the City of Melton Open Space strategy for existing areas. These documents provide the context for new developments and should be considered in conjunction with the guidelines below.

If you need more information on any of the below, contact the City Design team on 9747 7200 or

Standard Details

Council's Landscape Standard Detail drawings for public realm construction and maintenance are currently under review.

They should be reviewed in conjunction with Engineering’s Standard Drawings and the Engineering Design and Construction Manual.(PDF, 7MB)

Contact the City Design team on 9747 7200 or email for more information.

Passive Irrigation Details

Contact our Engineering department for guidance on use of Type 1 and 2 passive irrigation details.(PDF, 1MB)

Public Realm Construction

Once detailed design plans are approved by Melton City Council’s Landscape Architects and pre-commencement requirements have been met, construction may begin. 

The Landscape Checklists and Performance Requirements specify minimum construction, establishment and maintenance prerequisites to be audited by Melton City Council’s Landscape Architects. Works cannot progress to subsequent phases until they are inspected and approved by Melton City Council’s Landscape Architects.

Where a permit is required, refer to your planning permit for any additional documentation that must be submitted and approved by Council and/or other authorities before works may commence.

For Estate Subdivision Construction, please refer to the Estate Subdivisions section of our website.

The following documents provide all the information on when and how to request a meeting with Melton City Council’s Landscape Architect and what requirements are to be met at each phase of Landscape Construction delivery.


Public Realm Infrastructure Planning 

Strategies and Guidelines supporting the development of quality public realm and associated infrastructure 

Open Space Plan

The Open Space Plan consists of two documents, being the background report(PDF, 4MB)  and the open space plan(PDF, 2MB) .  These documents provide an overview of the open space provided and planned for throughout the municipality.   

Landscape Guidelines

The landscape guidelines(PDF, 3MB) clarifies Council’s minimum requirements for landscaping standards in all delivery aspects of public realm. Adherence to these Guidelines does not exempt meeting the requirements of any relevant environment, access and safety legislation.  

Off-street car parking guidelines

The provision of car parking is a key element of a variety of developments and Council capital projects. The Off-Street Car Parking Guidelines(PDF, 2MB), has been produced to provide some guiding principles and minimum design guidelines required for commercial, industrial, public and large residential development car parks.     

Industrial Design guidelines

The Industrial Design Guidelines(PDF, 4MB) establish a set of design principles for industrial developments and industrial subdivisions within the City of Melton. They ensure that a high level of visual amenity and functionality is achieved. The guidelines also provide a framework for Council to assess future development proposals in industrial areas.   

Naturestrip guidelines

The Naturestrip Guidelines provides guidance and information to residents and developers on the development, care and maintenance of naturestrips. These guidelines do not exempt meeting the requirements of any other relevant service authorities or permit conditions. 

Naturestrip guidelines are currently under review - Please contact our Landscape Architects via email for further information.   

Melton City Council Plant List

Download the plant list.(PDF, 372KB) Please contact our Landscape Architects via email for further information.