Melton Planning Scheme

Melton Planning Scheme sets out policies and provisions for the use and development of land.

The Melton Planning Scheme is the set of local planning regulations that ensure the unique characteristics of the municipality are preserved while catering for an increase in population.

The City of Melton has been developed with two residential communities (Melton Township and the Melton East Corridor) supported by small villages (with constrained boundaries), all of which are surrounded and supported by non-urban land which provides agricultural, environmental, visual and tourist functions.

Over the next 30 years the City of Melton will continue to grow at a rapid rate, which will ultimately result in continuous urban development between the township of Melton and the Melton East Corridor.

Council’s Strategic Planning Unit is responsible for updating the planning scheme.

Melton Planning Scheme online

The Melton Planning Scheme is available online on the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website.

The Melton Planning Scheme consists of maps, which shows how a particular piece of land is zoned and whether or not it is affected by an overlay, and an ordinance (written document) containing policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land in the municipality.

Planning Maps Online

An interactive service that allows you to:

  • search planning scheme maps using a property address, Melways reference or lot and plan number
  • view planning zones and overlays
  • use simple tools to move around and view planning scheme maps
  • turn zone and overlay layers on and off to customise your view of each planning scheme
  • prepare and print a customised PDF report
  • access information about properties listed on the Victorian Heritage Register

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