Transport options

Local Transport

Transport is responsible for 16% of Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions so finding ways to reduce your reliance on transport modes that burn fossil fuels is important.

The RACV also estimate the weekly operating costs of a car as between $145 for a light-class car to $356 for a large 4WD, so with petrol prices expected to increase this is another great reason to look for ways to get around without the car.

Alternative transport options

Get active
For short trips close to home and work try walking. Apart from the benefits to the environment, you will also improve your health and concentration at work.

Use public transport
Using public transport is a much more efficient use of fuel which cuts the amount of emissions produced compared to doing the same trip in a car.

Even if you cannot use public transport all the time, taking public transport one or two days a week will make a difference. You could also walk or ride part of the way, with trains allowing you to take your bike with you. If the train station is further away, you may like to try parking your car at the station.

For information on public transport in the City of Melton visit Public Transport Victoria.

Car pool
Car pooling is another good way to reduce emissions from transport. Speak to your work colleagues or people at your local sports clubs or schools to find out if people who live near each other could travel together.

Drive efficiently
If you have explored the options above and found that driving is your only option, there are still ways to reduce your impact. Next time you need to buy a car look for one that is smaller, yet still meets your needs. You can also compare efficiency ratings using the Green Vehicle Guide.

Improve your car's performance and efficiency by:

  • getting it regularly serviced
  • driving smoothly and avoiding stop-start traffic
  • making sure your tyres stay inflated at the maximum recommended pressure
  • reducing the amount of unnecessary weight in your car
  • using the air conditioning sparingly