Melton: A Strategy for All Abilities and All Ages

Council is committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, children, young people, older people, carers and people who live, learn, work or play in the City of Melton.

Melton: A Strategy for All Abilities and All Ages for the second time, combines four previous Council strategies, specifically the Disability Action Plan (recognising disability can be present at any age), the Municipal Early Years Plan (0-12 years), Youth Strategy (12-25 years), and the Ageing Well Strategy (50+ years) into one, all-encompassing document.

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We are about to begin work on a four-year strategy to help ensure people of all abilities and ages in the community can grow and thrive throughout all life stages.

The strategy will update the existing plan, 'Melton: A City for all People 2017 -2021' and will consider what residents need to lead healthy, happy and safe lives in the City of Melton. 

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More information: take part in an online survey and online engagement sessions.