Fencing information for registered owners

Obtain contact details for adjacent land owners using the Fencing Request Form (for registered owners only).

Apply online:

If you are having difficulties or disputes with your boundary fencing between neighbours, contact the Disputes Settlement Centre of Victoria on 1300 372 888 or visit Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Half Cost Fencing (for fences dividing Council land and private property)

Council is willing to contribute towards the cost for a replacement of an existing boundary fence adjacent to an open space reserve, provided the following conditions have been met. Council contribution to Fencing Cost is not for the construction of a first initial fence, but for the replacement of existing fencing.

  • Wooden Fence must not exceed 6’4” (any extra height will be at the owner’s costs and may require a building permit)
  • Alternative materials such as colour bond will be at the owner's expense (Council will only pay the equivalent to a wooden fence
  • Exposed Posts and Capping will be at the owner’s expense
  • Painting or Staining of the fence will be at the owner’s expense
  • This policy excludes the following:
    - Road Reserves
    - Road Corridors
    - Tree Reserves that provide a pedestrian and/or bicycle link between 2 roads
    - Tree Reserves directly adjacent to a road reserve or road corridor
    - Property Frontages
    - Fences built by a person who is not a fencing contractor of a registered fencing business
    - Industrial allotments
  • Any variations must be approved by Council prior to any works and the resident must bear half the cost of any variations
  • Any variations or costs not approved by council will be at the owner's expense
  • Demolition and Removal of existing fence must be performed by the Fencing contractor
  • Where a gate or embellishment of a fence is requested by the landowner abutting a park, open spaced reserve, tree reserve or other reserve, they must first seek approval from the Parks and Open Space Team
  • Council will contribute to fencing costs up to a maximum limit of $5,000 (excluding GST)
  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance must be produced from the Fencing Contractor prior to commencement of any works
  • Council will NOT advance funds or pay towards a deposit for the replacement of the fence
  • Councils share of the contribution will be made once a satisfactory site inspection has been carried out.

Council requires 2 quotes for assessment for costs under $5,000 including GST and 3 Quotes for over $5,000 including GST.  Council will inspect the fence before entering into an agreement and on completion of the fence.  Council inspectors can also inspect the progress of the fencing construction, especially if there are any problems or inconsistencies with quotes.

You are only required to pay your portion of the fencing quote and Council will need a tax invoice from the fencing contractor in order to make the agreed payment.

Your quotes should be sent to Council via:

Email:           csu@melton.vic.gov.au
Post:             PO Box 21, Melton 3337
In Person: 
Melton Civic Centre, 232 High Street, Melton 337
Caroline Springs Library, 193 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs.

If you have any questions, please contact our Road Asset Technical Officer on 9747 7200.