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Build Over Easement

Build over Easement application

Note: you will be prompted to either register or sign in enabling you to complete the application form.  Once you have registered/signed in, the Build over Easement application form can be located under Applications and Regulations, Roads and Engineering.

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Guide to Building Over Easements(DOCX, 20KB)
Building Over Easement Brochure(PDF, 2MB)

 Please include the following with your application:

  • Certificate of title
  • Site plan
  • Building plan
  • Letter or plan of approval from relevant sewer authority for Build over Sewer Reticulation (if applicable)

Standard conditions for council approval to build over easements and/or assets

The Owner(s) hereby agree:

  1. to limit the type of structure and method of construction to that shown and described on and in accordance with the Melton City Council's Approval to Build Over Easements and/or Assets - General Guidelines.

  2. to permit the Council to enter into and upon the building or other structure and/or the easement at any time for the purpose of inspecting, constructing, maintaining or repairing, any failure or collapse of any drain or other works of the Council now existing or which may be created in the future, and to excavate through any floor of the structure and or demolish any part of the structure as may be deemed necessary.

  3. to permit the Council the right to forcible access to the building in the event of an emergency occurring during the owner's or occupiers absence.

  4. to indemnify the Council against all actions, claims, suits and demands, arising out of, or incidental to, the erection and/or retention of the building or other structure over the drain or other works of the Council and/or the said easement.

  5.  to be solely responsible for all injury, loss or damage which may be occasioned to the said building or other structure by reason of or incidental to the carrying out of the inspection, construction, maintenance or repair (whether forceable access is used or not) of the said drain or other works of the Council or by reason of an incidental to the presence of the said drain or other works of the Council.

  6. to pay to the Council on demand any additional costs incurred by it in inspecting, constructing, maintaining or repairing any drain or other works of the Council which arise due to the presence of the building or structure.

  7. to notify any purchaser or perspective purchaser of the conditions of this agreement and to obtain, prior to settlement of the sale, the execution by the purchaser of an agreement with the Council in similar terms to this agreement and lodge the agreement with Council.

  8. that the proposed works are to be completed by two years from the date the approval is given.  Failure to complete the works by the above date may render this Approval null and void.

  9. to verify the pipe location before commencement of construction and notify the Engineering Investigations Officer of any discrepancy.

  10. that there be a 1.0 metre clearance surrounding a Stormwater Pit and that in no instances can this be built over.

This approval is given with respect to rights and authorities Council holds regarding its drainage and other operations.  This approval is not a building or planning permit which must be obtained as necessary.  Approval may be required from other authorities before a building permit can be issued.  Council consent to build over an easement and/or asset does not protect the applicant against rights, claims or other wishes of other property owners or authorities who hold rights in regard to the easement.  The onus for determining and satisfying other rights resides with the owner and should be checked prior to commencing any works. 



Variation to crossover

Variation to Crossover Application Form(DOCX, 205KB) 
Variation to Crossover Application Form(PDF, 168KB)


Stormwater legal point of discharge

Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge online application form


Traffic management

Traffic Management application

Note: you will be prompted to either register or sign in enabling you to complete the application form.  Once you have registered/signed in, the Traffic Management application form can be located under Applications and Regulations, Roads and Engineering.

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B Double & Higher Mass

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) currently administers all B-Double and Higher Mass Permit applications.

To assist with processing your application in a timely manner, please provide the following details:

  • clear start and destination addresses
  • a list of all roads to be travelled on during the journey
  • details about each vehicle that will be travelling this journey route

To submit your application or to obtain further information on this process, please call NHVR on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487) or visit the NHVR website


Works within Road Reserve

If any works are undertaken within an established municipal road reserve, then the works within road reserve application form needs to be filled out and submitted to council. For more information visit Works within Road Reserve.