The population in the City of Melton has continually grown over the past fifteen years.

That means more pressure on health services, local education facilities, public transport and roads.

The Melton Advocacy Priorities booklet details what is  needed to manage this and anticipated future population growth. The priority projects and services identified within have been developed in conjunction  with our community and a broad range of key stakeholders across private and public sectors.

Melton City Council held a range of community consultations in 2016 and 2017 about the new Community Vision and the Council and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021.

The City of Melton is one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities in one of the country’s fastest growing regions. Council calls on State and Federal Governments to support the City of Melton as it manages this growth.

Advocacy Priorities

These priorities are based around:

  • Education, skills and local employment
  • Infrastructure development and partnerships
  • Community health and well-being
  • Transport provision and connections

At every stage of discussion with decision makers, we will aim to turn support into actionable results.

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If you would like to get involved in future advocacy efforts, contact Council's Engagement and Advocacy Department on 9747 5440