Standard drawings

Below are Council's standard drawings for Capital Works and Maintenance. These drawings are a combination of Council’s own drawings and EDCM drawings. For new subdivision standard drawings please refer to Engineering Design and Construction Manual Appendix D.

All files are in .pdf format. If you need more information contact the Engineering department on 9747 7200.

Index.pdf(PDF, 177KB)

Engineering Design and Construction Manual April 2011(PDF, 7MB)

Full PDF Set Standard Drawings 2020(PDF, 8MB)


Road Construction 

EDCM 201 Joint Detail for Road Pavements(PDF, 186KB)

MCC 202 Subsurface Drain Back of Kerb(PDF, 81KB)

MCC 203 Roundabout Central Island(PDF, 119KB)

MCC 204 Indented Parking Bay(PDF, 150KB)

MCC 205 Signage Offset And Installation 1(PDF, 133KB)

MCC 206 Services Utilities Detail(PDF, 84KB)


Kerb and Channels

EDCM 301 Barrier Kerb Invert Kerb Edge Kerb Profiles(PDF, 65KB)

EDCM 302 Semi Mountable and Mountable Kerb Profiles(PDF, 66KB)

EDCM 303 Kerb Markings(PDF, 59KB)

MCC 304 Melton Council Specific Kerb Types(PDF, 100KB)

MCC 305 Splitter Island(PDF, 177KB)

MCC 306 SI1 Type Splitter Island Typical Layout(PDF, 222KB)

MCC 307 SI3 Type Splitter Island Typical Layout(PDF, 177KB)

MCC 308 SI3 Splitter Island Layout on 90 Degrees Bends(PDF, 98KB)



EDCM 401 Concrete Footpath Cross Sections and Joints(PDF, 72KB)

MCC 402 Joint Detail For Pits Within Paths(PDF, 87KB)

MCC 403 Pedestrian Crossing Kerb Ramp Details(PDF, 173KB)

MCC 404 Tactile Surface Indicators Detail(PDF, 147KB)


Vehicle Crossings 

EDCM 501 Residential Vehicle Crossing - Single(PDF, 77KB)

EDCM 502 Residential Vehicle Crossing - Double(PDF, 81KB)

EDCM 503 Heavy Duty Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 77KB)

MCC 501 single residential vehicle crossing(PDF, 202KB)

MCC 502 Extension Of Crossover(PDF, 193KB)

MCC 503 Double Residential Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 204KB)

MCC 504 Industrial Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 171KB)

MCC 505 Rural Vehicle Crossing For Shallow Table Drains(PDF, 158KB)

MCC 506 Rural Pipe Culvert Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 175KB)  


Drainage Pits 

EDCM 601 Single Side Entry Pit Grated 600 B2 Kerb and Channel(PDF, 80KB)

EDCM 602 Double Side Entry Pit Grated 600 B2 Kerb and Channel(PDF, 82KB)

EDCM 603 Single Side Entry Pit Grated SM2 Kerb and Channel(PDF, 79KB)

EDCM 604 Double Side Entry Pit Grated SM2 Kerb and Channel(PDF, 78KB)

EDCM 605 Junction Pit up to 3600mm Depth(PDF, 76KB)

EDCM 606 Junction Pit 3601mm to 10800mm Depth(PDF, 92KB)

EDCM 607 Haunched Junction Pit up to 3600mm Depth(PDF, 75KB)

EDCM 608 Haunched Junction Pit 3601mm to 10800mm Depth(PDF, 96KB)

EDCM 609 Step Irons(PDF, 64KB)

MCC 610 Side Entry Pit 1(PDF, 103KB)

MCC 611 Modified Side Entry Pit(PDF, 140KB)  

MCC 612 Modified Side Entry Pit Type 2(PDF, 157KB)  

MCC 613 Auxiliary Channel Pit(PDF, 100KB) 


Drainage Incidentals

EDCM 701 Property Inlet Type A(PDF, 67KB)

EDCM 702 Property Inlet Type B(PDF, 65KB)

EDCM 703 Property Inlet Type C(PDF, 68KB)

MCC 704 Pipe Bedding Reinstatement(PDF, 165KB)


Passive Irrigation Details

Contact our Engineering department for guidance on use of Type 1 and 2 passive irrigation details.

MCC Passive Irrigation Detail(PDF, 1MB)