Further information and resources - Maternal Child and Health

Maternal and Child Health Line 13 22 29 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Research Based Website 

www.raisingchildren.net.au  Extensive information on all aspects of parenting.

www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au Information on pregnancy, birth and early childhood. Talk to a maternal child health nurse via the support line, available 24/7 PH 1800 882 436. Video chat also available.

www.rch.org.au  Royal Children’s Hospital general fact sheets and information on specific illnesses

www.breastfeeding.asn.au Information on breastfeeding and access to local support groups. 24/7 Helpline for breastfeeding mothers PH 1800 686 268.

www.safesleepspace.com.au Sleep and settling support serviceBooks and DVD’s available at Melton Libraries to borrow. App available which is age specific.

www.tweddle.org.auSleep support for parents of babies and children. Website includes referral information for day and residential programs and also fact sheets

 www.rednose.com.au The latest evidence based advice on how to sleep baby safely

www.activebabiessmartkids.com.au Information on the development of babies and ideas to help parents play with babies

www.kidsafevic.com.au Information and fact sheets on all aspects of childhood safety

www.kidsalive.com.au  Advice and steps to reduce to the risk of children drowning

www.panda.org.au Supports women, men and families affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy and early parenthood. Fact sheets and phone support 9am - 7:30pm Mon – Fri PH 1300 726 306

http://continencevictoria.org.au Information and fact sheets for pelvic floor strengthening and toilet training for children

www.melton.vic.gov.au Information on community events and links to access Melton Facebook pages which offer up to date information on events

www.eatforhealth.gov.au/ Guidelines for Australian diets and introducing solids

www.allergy.org.au  Information relating to recognising and managing allergies

www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/ General health information

www.playgroup.org.au Support and information about establishing or accessing existing playgroups


Mobile Apps

VaxOnTime vaccination Mobile App Receive reminder notifications leading up to when your child is due for their vaccinations

Maternal Child Health Mobile App Essential and trustworthy age related information. Provides reminders about your upcoming MCH appointments

ASDetect ASDetect is a free app that allows parents and caregivers to assess the social attention and communication behaviours of their children younger than 2½ years (between 11 and 30 months). To register, visit asdetect.org/app or SMS ‘app’ to 0409 758 602

Rockabub Mobile App Age specific sleep strategies. Includes step by step guides, video settling footage and understanding your baby and toddler sections

Royal Children’s Hospital Kids Health Info Up to date fact sheets developed for parents covering topics about medical conditions and services available at the Royal Children’s hospital Melbourne

What Were We Thinking App Provides week-by-week information on essential topics to help parents (and anyone supporting them) adjust well to the first six months of life with a baby

My Baby Now Provides the latest information about feeding and active play for your baby.


Phone Support

Care in Mind Free phone support service for men and women 1300 096 269 24/7 provided by professionally trained counsellors

https://www.sms4dads.com SMS4dads provides new fathers with information and connections to online services through their mobile phones after joining online

Royal Children’s Hospital Information Information on safety promotion and injury prevention PH 9345-6429