Melton Heritage Study

The Melton City Council commissioned the Melton Heritage Study in two stages in 2001 and 2003. Stage 2 of the study was then adopted by Council and prepared for public exhibition.

In 2007, the heritage study was exhibited as part of Amendment C71 and was reviewed and amended. An independent planning panel was appointed by the Minister to hear public submissions about the amendment in 2008.

As a result of the panel, 109 places were recommended to be placed on Melton Planning Scheme and Amendment C71 was gazetted in August 2010.

To access the report of the independent panel appointed to consider the recommendations of the Heritage Study - including the application of the Heritage Overlay - access the link below:

Recommendations of the Heritage Study (Panel Report)(PDF, 825KB)

The Melton Heritage Study Stage 2 Volumes include:

  • Volume 1 - provides details about the methodology, task appreciation and findings of the study.
  • Volume 2 - comprises the Thematic Environmental History.
  • Volumes 3-5 - consists of the heritage overlays for each of the heritage places within the study area.
  • Volume 6 - was a late recommendation by Council’s legal advisor. It contains only the statements of significance for all sites on the Heritage Overlay Schedule, including those already on the schedule, prior to this heritage study. It will be the only part of the study to be incorporated in the planning scheme.

All illustrations and photographs used in this heritage study are for research and guidance purposes only. Any commercial reproduction of these illustrations and photos will require Copyright clearance from the respective owners.

For any further information please contact our Strategic Planning Department on 9747 7200.