Car parking

Residential Streets

Parking in local roads can be congested at times and feel that traffic cannot pass along the road.

Generally our local road network will provide sufficient space to allow at least one on-street car space per property for use by visitors however this may not always be directly in front of the property. In the instance visitor parking is not available in front of the property visitors may need to park further down the road and walk to their destination.

Our roads generally consist of a road width of between 5.5 metres and 7.3 metres. Where roads are 5.5 metres in width parking should occur on one side of the road only. For roads 7.3 metres in width parking can occur on both sides. In both cases vehicles travelling along the road will be required to give way to cars in the opposing direction.

Information on car parking rules can be found in the Parking Rules Brochure(PDF, 394KB)

School Parking

In the City of Melton we have more than 40 schools which are located within our local road network. We recognise that with a number of schools comes a number of parking challenges for parents who drop off and pick up their children.

Unfortunately we cannot provide car parking to each parent but rather manage the available parking the best we can. Typical arrangements around schools include short term parking restrictions to create turnover of parking making a car space available to more parents, pick up and drop off zone for those who do not need to leave their car to collect their child and in some instances parking restrictions to one side of the road to ensure vehicles can travel safely in both directions. The following brochures have been prepared for schools that experience high parking demands to assist in identifying where on street car parking can be found within a short walk of the school.

Council discusses alternate modes of transport with schools which include walking school buses and the Part Way is OK program. The Part Way is OK program identifies safe parking away from the school (generally 200-300m away) to have children walk to school. This promotes independent travel awareness for older children to travel to school in a short safe distance. 

A summary of the key road rules in Victoria about parking can be found on the Vicroads website which provides information on the following:

  • Parking Check
  • How close can I park to that?Can I park here?
  • Parallel Parking
  • Angle Parking
  • Meter Parking
  • Centre of the road parking
  • Disability parking
  • Parking signs
  • No parking sign
  • No stopping signs
  • Clearways
  • Zones 
  • Parking with hazard lights on

Parking issue

Council is often contact by residents concerned with illegal and unsafe parking.

You can report a parking issue by completing the general enquiries form.

Victoria Police and Council Local Law officers do monitor and patrol school zones for any driving or behaviour that puts the safety of others at risk. Infringement notices will be issued in accordance with the Road Safety Road Rules 2017 and the Local Law.

Some of the infringement notices that can be issued are:

  • Fail to stop and remain stationary at children’s crossing
  • Fail to stop at the stop line when a hand held stop sign is displayed, or a pedestrian is entering or on the crossing
  • Proceed after stopping when the handheld stop sign is still displayed
  • Proceed after stopping while a pedestrian is on or entering the crossing
  • Pass stopped vehicle at children’s crossing or pedestrian crossing
All of these offences carry a fine of $454 and 3 demerit points.
Other breaches of Road Rules that will also be addressed are parking and stopping illegally. Some examples of the penalties are:
  • Drive motor vehicle on a path, nature strip, traffic island or dividing strip – Penalty $182
  • Stopped on a nature strip - $111
  • Double parked - $111
  • Fail to obey traffic direction given by police officer or authorised person – Penalty $363 & 3 demerit points
  • Drive unlawfully in a bicycle lane – Penalty $273
  • Stopped contrary to a no parking sign – Penalty $36

*Penalties current as at 1 July 2022