Traffic management plans

When conducting any works (including road closures for events) on a road, street, lane or footpath in the City of Melton you must submit a traffic management plan (TMP) to us.

TMPs are required in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004, the Road Safety Act 1986 and Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2009 Traffic control devices for works on roads.

Submission of traffic management plans to Melton City Council

All TMPs submitted must be prepared by a professional traffic consultant or company and must be in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2009.

Before submitting a Traffic Management Plan to Melton City Council please make sure:

  • all fields in the application form are completed

Traffic Management Application Form(DOCX, 769KB)
Traffic Management Application Form(PDF, 173KB)

  • the following documents MUST be attached:
      - Worksite hazard assessment check list (Appendix C Code of Practice)
      - Traffic management plan (including after care plans).
      - Consent to Work in the Road Reserve letter with approved plans
      - VicRoads Memorandum of Authorisation (MoU) for the authorisation to use Major Traffic Control Devices

    If works are on an arterial road you must have consent from VicRoads.  For information visit VicRoads website.

    If any major traffic control devices (such as reduced speed zones below) are being used a Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) must be received by VicRoads (unless works are for Melton City Council). The traffic control devices most commonly used on work sites for which written authorisation or consent may be required include speed limit signs, end speed limit signs, traffic signals (including portable traffic signals), and STOP HERE ON RED SIGNAL signs (but excludes a STOP/SLOW bat)

    Any works that are likely to cause significant traffic delays due to lane and/or road closures must be discussed with Melton City Councils Traffic Engineers prior to any works commencing. 

    Any traffic management plan must also have a permit to undertake works within a road reserve before works start. For further information please refer to our Works within Road Reserve.

    You can send the application form and Traffic Management Plans to for assessment. Please note if files are bigger than 10MB in total they will not be received. 

    How the application is assessed

    We have 20 days to assess traffic management applications in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004, however we will try to respond within 10 business days. 

    All traffic management applications are assessed for compliance with:

    • VicRoads Supplement to AS1742.3 AS1742.3 Manual of uniform traffic control devices - traffic control for works on roads
    • Code of Practice – Worksite Safety  – Traffic Management
    • Road Management Act 2004
    • Road Safety Road Rules 2017
    • Any other relevant regulations, standards and guidelines.

    If all requirements are satisfied or if only small changes are required, written authorisation is given to the person or company that submitted the TMP (usually via email).

    If the TMP is insufficient or there are major errors, we will ask for the plans to be amended accordingly and ask you to resubmit the application.

    A copy of the written authorisation, TMPs, permit and MoA (if applicable) must be kept on site during the works. Individual contractors/works manager are responsible for implementing the TMP, and works on site may be inspected by Council officers at any time.

    Reporting concerns with road works

    Implementing a TMP is the responsibility of individual contractors/works manager undertaking the works. If you are concerned with traffic management or works happening in a road reserve, contact the company doing the works first. If after this you still have concerns, contact us.