Roundabout at Caroline Springs Boulevard and Rockbank Middle Road

The roundabout at Caroline Springs Boulevard and Rockbank Middle Road is currently one of busiest intersections in the City of Melton. There are traffic delays at the roundabout and there are safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists.

Installing traffic lights will help control vehicle movements, manage congestion during peak periods and provide safe crossing locations for pedestrians and cyclists, thereby encouraging walking and cycling.

The project will include:

  • Removal of existing roundabout
  • An expansion and realignment of the road
  • Installation of traffic signals
  • Landscaping
  • New public lighting
  • Underground services relocations (electricity, water, gas, and communications)

Construction began in late November 2023.

Updates, including detour maps, will be updated on the Melton Conversation project page. To be notified of updates, create an account on Melton Conversations and select follow at the top of the page.



Ccaroline Springs Bvd and Rockbank Middle Road intersection,  3023  View Map

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