Heritage Strategy


City of Melton Heritage Strategy 2017-2021

The City of Melton Heritage Strategy 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)  provides Council with a framework to better understand, manage and protect its heritage. It builds on the previous Strategy to provide the framework for the identification, conservation and monitoring of heritage assets, sites and features in the municipality and educate the wider community on what heritage is, and what it means for the City of Melton.

The strategy has set actions in the themes of: 

  • Knowing
  • Protecting
  • Supporting
  • Communicating and Promoting

The next steps involve implementing the actions of the Strategy that are set beneath the objectives and goals under each theme and ensuring that the actions are monitored and reviewed moving forward.

The City of Melton Heritage Strategy 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)   was adopted at the 18 September 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting and is now available to view.

Thank you to the community for participating in the online survey and providing valuable feedback during the consultation period. 

For more information about the Strategy, contact our City Strategy Team on 9747 7200 or email citysupport@melton.vic.gov.au