City of Melton 150th Anniversary Exhibition


On behalf of the Mayor and Councillors of Melton City Council, we invite our community to view this special online exhibition celebrating 150 years of our City.

In February 1871, the Melton Roads Board passed a motion to declare Melton a shire. This formality marked a crucial moment in the origins of the community of Melton as we know it today. This online exhibition has been created to mark 150 years since this historic event took place.

This exhibition explores the story of the people of the Kulin Nation, and the arrival of European settlers. It follows Melton through its early pastoral history and the gold rush. It shows a township coming together during two world wars and the Great Depression. It looks at the big transformations brought by post-war growth and suburban development. And finally, it covers the establishment of new suburbs and looks to the future.

Much of the material in this exhibition is taken from the 2018 book Growth, Progress and Community Spirit: a history of the Melton district, which is available to borrow or to purchase from Melton City Libraries. We hope this exhibition will inspire you to seek out the book, in order to further explore Melton’s fascinating history. 

External site. Click to view the exhibition.

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