Heritage Advisory Service

Council offers a free heritage advisory service for property owners with a heritage overlay on their property.

The service operates once a week (usually on Thursdays, but this is subject to change).  Our Heritage Advisor can provide information on the history of your property, accessing funding, and maintaining your heritage property or dry stone wall.

The Heritage Advisory Service is a free service offered by the Melton City Council.  It is provided to property owners to assist them to care for those places in the most appropriate way.

A heritage place may be a:

  • house 
  • farm building 
  • public building 
  • garden or tree 
  • dry stone wall
  • cultural landscape
  • bridge
  • road
  • dam wall

To find out whether your property has a heritage overlay, please visit VicPlan. See example below of a property with a heritage overlay on it.

Heritage Overlay Map - Melton Civic Centre Melton

What type of advice is provided?

Some of the most common types of enquiries relate to:

  • Constructing a new building in a heritage area
  • Extending a building in a heritage area
  • Adapting a heritage building for a new use
  • Heritage Assistance Funds for repair or maintenance of heritage places
  • Restoration advice for buildings and dry stone walls
  • How to research the history of your place
  • Education on heritage issues

The City Growth and Development Department can also provide advice on planning applications and development within the heritage overlay.

To discuss your proposal with Council's Heritage Advisor and/or a Statutory Planner you will need to make an appointment on 9747 7200.

The Heritage Victoria website provides a good resource of information regarding heritage development and protection. 

For further information, please contact our Strategic Planning Team on 9747 7200 or email: citysupport@melton.vic.gov.au.