Overview and first steps

Before you make a planning application to Council, there are a number of steps to follow. You can also get an overview of the application process itself.

Step 1: Talk to a council planner

Find out if a planning permit is required and make sure that what you want to do is not prohibited. If a permit is required, get a copy of the planning scheme provisions we will use to assess the application. Ask the planner whether the council is likely to support the proposal.

Step 2: Talk to your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours so you are aware of their concerns. Taking the time to talk to them prior to lodging an application may allow you to consider and address any concerns they may have with the plans. Most people appreciate the opportunity to discuss plans before the formal notice process commences.

Step 3: Get professional advice

Consider getting professional advice. Planning assessment and decision-making are sophisticated processes that involve concepts such as respecting neighbourhood character, achieving good urban design outcomes and protecting reasonable amenity. Getting the right professional advice at the beginning will help develop your ideas so you meet council’s expectations and your objectives.